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Death Penalty for Spotting???

Everything that would not belong anywhere else.

Boris (Founding Member) 08 Apr 19, 20:30Post
That's what Thailand is proposing...
Tourists could face the death penalty for taking photos on beach near airport

According to the Bangkok Post, authorities have become more concerned as the beach has grown in popularity and is developing a new safety zone near the runway that will ban people from entering. Authorities fear the influx of people on the beach could pose as a distraction for pilots.


Violators allegedly will face harsh punishments, such as a fine of 40,000 baht ($1,253) or a jail sentence of up to 20 years, The Sun reported.

“The maximum penalty is the death sentence,” he shared with the Bangkok Post. ... ar-airport
The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers...

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Zak (netAirspace FAA) 08 Apr 19, 20:39Post
That's taking blue-flagging to an entirely new level.
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ANCFlyer (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 08 Apr 19, 22:46Post
Zak wrote:That's taking blue-flagging to an entirely new level.

{nut} {bugeye}
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ShyFlyer (Founding Member) 08 Apr 19, 22:57Post
The growing level of absolute paranoia of people in government never ceases to amaze me. {sarcastic} {grumpy}
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Lucas (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 09 Apr 19, 06:22Post
Zak wrote:That's taking blue-flagging to an entirely new level.

I just about died! {laugh}
ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 09 Apr 19, 06:41Post
How many pilots have crashed at SXM due to beachgoesrs' topless antics? Maybe Thailand needs better pilots.

I could understand it if they'd looked at the photo of that Russian freighter that used every last metre of the runway and were claiming that they didn't want the next one to wipe out a beachload of tourists.

That looked like a nice place too. Phuket, I'll go somewhere else.
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Zak (netAirspace FAA) 09 Apr 19, 07:47Post
To put things into perspective (not the core competence of many news outlets these days, I guess) - Thailand did not just introduce a death penalty clause for spotting.

Thailand did pass a new air traffic safety law a while ago, aiming at people who intentionally disturb air traffic with drones or laser pointers, posing a real threat to aviation safety.

The ultimate punishment under that law is the death penalty, which probably would be applied if you indeed manage to crash an airliner and get people killed.

Now they set up a new security zone at Phuket beach. Stupidly enough, it's not a no-access-zone, but only a no-photo-zone. Why a person with a camera is supposed to be more distracting to a crew of an incoming airliner than a person without a camera remains a mystery, but that's the status quo.

Enforcing that security zone falls under above mentioned already existing air traffic safety law. Which did include mentioned punishments even before the safety zone was erected. Much as it makes for a good headline, there is no new "take photos here and we will shoot you on the spot" clause.

AFAIK, Thailand executed only 1 person in the last decade. I'd be very surprised to see that number suddenly skyrocketing because spotters.

Still, the no-photo zone alone is enough for me to let the place lose its appeal. Especially since it doesn't make sense. Close the beach to the public over safety concerns - okay, I don't like it, but I see the point. Leave the beach open to the public, but ban photography - wtf?
Yes, the new EU copyright directive is that stupid.
jacklury 22 Apr 19, 11:25Post

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