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Airbus Cancels A220 series

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ShyFlyer (Founding Member) 01 Apr 19, 18:01Post
Airbus SE CEO Guillaume Faury announced today that, once the current order backlog for the A220 jetliner, previously known as the Bombardier CSeries, has been filled, it will discontinue production. "Customers are seriously confused as to what to call the aircraft, with some not even believing it is now an Airbus project. Quite frankly, we should have just sold the production line for scrap."

Would you like to know more?

I see the logic in renaming the aircraft, and integrating it into the existing product nomenclature, but if I were in charge, I would have named them Airbus C100-1 and C100-3. {tired}
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JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 01 Apr 19, 20:23Post
I CSeries what you did there {boxed}
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