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Pegasus Airlines Airbus A320-214 (TC-DCM) at  Hamburg - Fuhlsbuettel, GermanyCSA Czech Airlines Airbus A319-112 (OK-MEL) at  Hamburg - Fuhlsbuettel, GermanyRyanair Boeing 737-8AS (EI-EVW) at  Hamburg - Fuhlsbuettel, GermanySAS - Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A320-251N (D-AUBG) at  Hamburg - Finkenwerder, GermanyEmirates Boeing 777-31H(ER) (A6-ECF) at  Hamburg - Fuhlsbuettel, GermanyLufthansa Airbus A320-214 (D-AIZC) at  Hamburg - Fuhlsbuettel, GermanyAirzena Georgian Airways Boeing 737-7BK (4L-TGN) at  Frankfurt am Main, GermanyIberia Airbus A340-642 (EC-JPU)

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Mojave Air and Space Port, United States
Trade Air Fokker F100 (9A-BTE) at  Munich, Germany

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