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JLAmber18 Jul 18, 22:51
GoNice shot, fugly aircraft.
JLAmber18 Jul 18, 21:50
GoLovely angle, this would make a great promo shot for the airline.
JLAmber18 Jul 18, 20:40
Go... Fuselage still show the outline of Aerosur's 'puma' scheme from the aircraft's days as CP-2653.
JLAmber18 Jul 18, 20:37
Go...Where it was acquired by TAM for use as a crew training tool. If you look very carefully (or adjust the contrast on your screen) you can see that the scrubbed areas on the....
JLAmber18 Jul 18, 20:35
GoDB Editor's note: After exhaustive research we found this aircraft is former Aerosur 734 CP-2653. The aircraft suffered a hard landing in 2012 & was stored at LPB...
JLAmber17 Jul 18, 22:14
CentrelinePhoto17 Jul 18, 21:14
GoI already did :-P
JLAmber17 Jul 18, 20:22
GoWarning: Do not Google the reg. of this aircraft!
JLAmber16 Jul 18, 20:38
airtrainer16 Jul 18, 05:23
GoYep, nice one mate !
ANCFlyer16 Jul 18, 01:30
GoNice Shot on that straight -8.
ANCFlyer15 Jul 18, 21:38
GoHP was a favorite for me commuting from DCA-MRY, every Friday/Sunday. Not too bad at all.
Sixbow15 Jul 18, 10:17
Gosolange es sie noch gibt.. einfach mal mitnehmen!
Bert14 Jul 18, 17:28
GoThanks indeed! I really felt in love with this position.
ShanwickOceanic14 Jul 18, 16:38
GoLovely shot though....
JLAmber14 Jul 18, 14:40
GoNice, welcome to netAirspace!
Nano Rodriguez13 Jul 18, 20:19
GoGreat shot
Maurits E13 Jul 18, 17:15
Gowow, true that :o
JLAmber12 Jul 18, 21:43
GoAnother day, another airport :D
JLAmber12 Jul 18, 20:39
GoGreat catch, please tell me it's flying? I would love to see a display with that thing demonstrating a seat deployment :D
JLAmber11 Jul 18, 17:22
GoThey owe me a coffee!
mhodgson11 Jul 18, 12:20
GoAmazed she still hasn't been scrapped after 10 years in GYR!
Paul Chandler110 Jul 18, 16:36
GoThis aircraft crashed in Pretoria, South Africa 10 July 2018
ShanwickOceanic10 Jul 18, 09:17
GoWhat a great location!
darrenvox09 Jul 18, 17:56
GoNice pic
vikkyvik09 Jul 18, 13:48
GoThanks! It was a beautiful sunset.
symphonicpoet09 Jul 18, 07:59
GoWho'd ever have thought that a systems issue would be a lucky break? Glad you were able to make the most of it. :) It's a pretty striking catch.
symphonicpoet09 Jul 18, 07:55
GoGreat colors and clouds on that one. :) Real eye catcher.
ShanwickOceanic09 Jul 18, 07:07
GoBetween that, the lamp post, the El Al 777 tail, the radar tower and Terminal 4, it was entertaining!
JLAmber09 Jul 18, 00:29
GoThat's a great shot, I wondered if we'd see any Silverstone uploads.
JLAmber08 Jul 18, 23:56
GoWell spotted. Too late to be the airport pub, I think I took this one from the car park.
JLAmber08 Jul 18, 23:55
GoThat damn wind sock!
ShanwickOceanic08 Jul 18, 20:55
GoNice catch!
TNCB08 Jul 18, 09:48
GoBeautiful view!
mhodgson06 Jul 18, 11:27
GoAirport Pub to be taken from that side, surely?
JLAmber03 Jul 18, 10:50
GoThe runway is the now-disused RAF Manston.
airtrainer02 Jul 18, 12:43
GoNiiiiiice !
airtrainer02 Jul 18, 12:38
GoWelcome on board, Andreas, great shot !
airtrainer02 Jul 18, 12:36
GoThanks John, the light was far from being ideal indeed !
JLAmber02 Jul 18, 11:42
GoThat's a great shot, especially considering the light at that time.
JLAmber01 Jul 18, 19:34
GoNice! I feel for the poor people boarding the TUI 763 on a remote stand in that heat!
JLAmber29 Jun 18, 18:18
GoVery nice, welcome to netAirspace!
miamiair29 Jun 18, 09:43
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 29 JUN 18
Maximilian S27 Jun 18, 13:22
JLAmber25 Jun 18, 16:13
GoThat's different. Nicely done.
Paul Chandler123 Jun 18, 19:29
GoI was sat on A6-API as i took this one - not bad for a phone camera :)
ANCFlyer23 Jun 18, 09:28
GoI really like the aircraft, it's a 727 and it's livery is awesome. Nice shot.
ShanwickOceanic22 Jun 18, 17:08
Nano Rodriguez19 Jun 18, 23:07
GoTHNKS Manuel
Manuel EstevezR19 Jun 18, 22:20
GoExcelente captura amigo; perfecta, FELICIDADES por el Fb/twitter featured

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