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md88dawg20 Jan 18, 15:20
GoI didn't realize those were 90+ miles away--very neat! I was very impressed with how clear it was considering the Thomas Fire had started that Monday.
vikkyvik20 Jan 18, 05:50
GoQuite a clear day in LA - those distant mountains in the top center are 90+ miles away.
vikkyvik20 Jan 18, 05:44
GoCool shot.
Allstarflyer19 Jan 18, 22:15
GoMemories of working on the ramp, watching aircraft getting doused with Types 1 and 4. Nice shot.
Allstarflyer19 Jan 18, 22:13
GoNice contrast with the backdrop.
Allstarflyer19 Jan 18, 22:13
GoUnique, I like it.
Allstarflyer19 Jan 18, 22:12
GoAnother good contrasting photo.
Allstarflyer19 Jan 18, 22:11
GoOutta the way, a Triple-7's comin' thru! Nice shot.
Allstarflyer19 Jan 18, 22:10
GoI like how the Spirit livery contrasts with the background.
Allstarflyer19 Jan 18, 22:09
GoUnique location, nice
Lukas19 Jan 18, 21:36
Darth Spotter19 Jan 18, 21:06
GoAwesome capture!
miamiair19 Jan 18, 10:48
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 19 JAN 18
Leandro Hdez18 Jan 18, 23:59
GoVery nice, saludos
JLAmber18 Jan 18, 22:44
GoNice catch, welcome to netAirspace!
Darth Spotter18 Jan 18, 21:46
GoOh yes, it was everytime a pleasure to see one of the "play-of-trickle-spring-flow-forest-blue liveries" ...
JLAmber17 Jan 18, 22:12
GoThat's a strange sight in 2018.
ShanwickOceanic17 Jan 18, 19:17
GoThese gorgeous birds are sorely missed!
JLAmber16 Jan 18, 16:21
GoFantastic! Welcome to netAirspace.
dabfz15 Jan 18, 17:08
Gothanks a lot, I was lucky to get them both. They were very hard to get these days.
JLAmber14 Jan 18, 19:53
GoThe airline that inspired my username, great catch sir!
spotterleal12 Jan 18, 16:41
dabfz12 Jan 18, 16:20
Gothank you
dabfz12 Jan 18, 16:18
Gothank you, and sorry for the bad quality
dabfz12 Jan 18, 16:18
Gothank you, and sorry for the bad quality
ShanwickOceanic11 Jan 18, 17:41
GoLoving these older shots, especially the World Tails. This is one of my favourites.
JLAmber10 Jan 18, 21:04
GoThanks Danny, look forward to seeing her fly again.
rbpace10 Jan 18, 17:53
GoThis aircraft has now been cut up for scrap :(
vikkyvik09 Jan 18, 20:43
GoIt is indeed. I thought it was.....odd.....when I saw it.
JLAmber09 Jan 18, 20:10
GoIs that Babe Ruth on the Norwegian tail?
JLAmber08 Jan 18, 19:08
GoGreat classic shot. Welcome to netAirspace!
vikkyvik08 Jan 18, 18:47
GoA310s really look funny from this angle.
TP8006 Jan 18, 20:07
GoAwesome !!!
vwmatze06 Jan 18, 18:32
GoTolles Licht :)
vikkyvik05 Jan 18, 15:01
GoThese photos are a great way to get a real idea of the size difference between aircraft.
Darth Spotter05 Jan 18, 14:04
GoBut please don't ask why I was at TXL on this specific date .... :D
ShanwickOceanic05 Jan 18, 11:26
GoPhoto from 2012. So sad that this is now closed. Oh wait...
vwmatze04 Jan 18, 10:35
ShanwickOceanic02 Jan 18, 22:40
GoLivery looks great from this angle.
Lukas02 Jan 18, 22:29
JLAmber02 Jan 18, 20:52
GoReversers on, nose wheel still not down. Great shot.
ShanwickOceanic02 Jan 18, 18:09
GoThanks! Arctic Circle a week before the winter solstice, I needed better glass - but still great to see soggy contrail action.
Ventor02 Jan 18, 17:45
GoDein bester Shot, wie ich finde!
miamiair02 Jan 18, 10:54
miamiair01 Jan 18, 22:21
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 02 JAN 18
JLAmber01 Jan 18, 14:30
GonetAirspace review of 2017: Most loved shot December.
JLAmber01 Jan 18, 14:00
GonetAirspace review of 2017: Most viewed shot December.
JLAmber31 Dec 17, 14:59
GonetAirspace review of 2017: Most loved shot November.
airtrainer31 Dec 17, 14:35
GoLove it !
Alberto Ruiz31 Dec 17, 12:06
GoSpectacular shot!

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