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ARodriguez25 Nov 17, 06:30
GoYes its were coming back from the Spanish National Day air parade
vikkyvik25 Nov 17, 02:45
GoThe best sort of conditions!
ShanwickOceanic24 Nov 17, 18:11
GoOoh, nice catch! And welcome!
HT-ETNW24 Nov 17, 06:23
GoAre these 4 Canadair CL-215T flying in the background ?
ShanwickOceanic23 Nov 17, 11:24
GoRather you than me, being out in that! Paid off, though...
ShanwickOceanic22 Nov 17, 09:59
GoNice catch, and welcome!
ShanwickOceanic22 Nov 17, 08:31
GoI'm no sports fan, but these birds always look so smart.
ShanwickOceanic21 Nov 17, 08:09
GoNot planning to order the A380-900 then?
JLAmber20 Nov 17, 23:21
ShanwickOceanic20 Nov 17, 08:38
GoI was on that last night. Stupid reindeer ate my bag >:(
spotterleal20 Nov 17, 08:26
GoThanks mate.
Ventor20 Nov 17, 06:50
GoSeems pretty empty :D
JLAmber19 Nov 17, 21:59
GoVery nice. Welcome to netAirspace!
CJK photos19 Nov 17, 17:06
HT-ETNW18 Nov 17, 17:02
GoAwesome colors !
Ventor17 Nov 17, 07:23
GoRIP Air Berlin :(
airtrainer15 Nov 17, 20:07
GoTo be registered XA-PAT.
mr chips15 Nov 17, 00:52
GoThankyou very much guys, just a nice bit of luck at sunset!
JLAmber13 Nov 17, 20:37
GoOne dirty bird. Welcome to netAirspace!
Darth Spotter13 Nov 17, 14:54
GoA scene well known at BER - the most delayed airport of all time. :-D
Ventor13 Nov 17, 06:32
GoAaaaahhh - the typical "cologne" view with all the cargo planes :D
vikkyvik12 Nov 17, 23:54
GoWow! Great light and perfectly timed Dave!
ZuluRR12 Nov 17, 21:30
Konrad Palm12 Nov 17, 16:38
GoThanks @Ventor ;)
Ventor12 Nov 17, 13:14
GoVery nice shot!
Ventor12 Nov 17, 12:25
GoNo, sadly I don't know the story. But it could be leading to a secret technical room or something like that :D
merzbrueck11 Nov 17, 15:56
GoVery nice
Ventor11 Nov 17, 15:21
GoOne of your best shots!
Allstarflyer11 Nov 17, 15:10
GoGood shot
vwmatze11 Nov 17, 09:19
GoDas hätte ich gewusst
symphonicpoet11 Nov 17, 06:09
GoThank you! You don't happen to know the story of that escalator, do you? Does it lead to a closed ramp level commuter gate area? (Just my guess.)
Ventor10 Nov 17, 19:59
GoNice shot!
Konrad Palm10 Nov 17, 19:52
GoGood Shot of my favourite aircraft! :)
Konrad Palm10 Nov 17, 19:51
GoGreat Shot!
Ventor10 Nov 17, 19:34
GoWelcome to netAirspace, Konrad! Great shot!
Ventor10 Nov 17, 19:19
GoWhat a great shot!
merzbrueck10 Nov 17, 18:45
GoThank you Ventor, I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ-300
D-OTTI10 Nov 17, 13:39
GoLiegt wahrscheinlich daran, dass der Bombardier selbst gehört. War vielleicht als Vorführflugzeug für Air Hamburg hier.
Ventor10 Nov 17, 10:38
GoA late, but warm welcome from me! Welcome to netAirspace :)
Ventor10 Nov 17, 08:53
GoLove this pic! Greetings from Germany!
md88dawg09 Nov 17, 22:24
GoThanks, MD11Spotter! It was the first time I've gotten a photo of a Brasilia.
symphonicpoet09 Nov 17, 19:42
GoThe port engine on N7716A reflects the afternoon light.
vwmatze09 Nov 17, 19:36
GoDen hab ich ja noch nie in Hamburg gesehen.Nice
Ventor09 Nov 17, 16:27
GoNice pic! Which camera did you use for this? :)
HT-ETNW07 Nov 17, 19:09
GoFill 'er up, please ?! Nice catch!
vwmatze06 Nov 17, 17:17
GoWas für ein Licht !!!
vwmatze06 Nov 17, 17:17
MD11Spotter06 Nov 17, 12:23
GoNice catch!!!
vwmatze05 Nov 17, 21:49
vwmatze05 Nov 17, 21:48

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