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JLAmber18 Feb 19, 16:53
GoGreat contrast, Irish weather does have its advantages.
darrenvox16 Feb 19, 10:53
Gocool shot
ShanwickOceanic14 Feb 19, 10:13
GoAbsolute belter of a shot. Insta-loved!
ARodriguez13 Feb 19, 16:40
GoDelivery flight of this new Airbus 320 for JetSMART
JLAmber13 Feb 19, 14:10
GoInteresting catch, that's the first A320neo assembled in China.
miamiair13 Feb 19, 09:43
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 13 FEB 19
miamiair12 Feb 19, 11:57
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 12 FEB 19
Manuel EstevezR10 Feb 19, 12:33
GoThank you
GQfluffy10 Feb 19, 06:54
GoMiss these beasts
GQfluffy10 Feb 19, 06:53
JLAmber09 Feb 19, 20:27
GoAnother comedy British airline named after a gemstone. Seems to be a theme.
JLAmber09 Feb 19, 17:37
GoNo idea why they were in PR:
JLAmber09 Feb 19, 17:36
GoInteresting catch. These are 'Combat Caravans' operated by Northrop Grumman's ATK department on contract for the US government in support of operations in Iraq.
Planespotter_lux09 Feb 19, 07:48
GoThank you very much!
miamiair08 Feb 19, 18:49
GoSadly this airplane crashed 13 miles from Miami Beach, one survivor.
miamiair08 Feb 19, 10:15
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 08 FEB 19
JLAmber08 Feb 19, 00:52
GoHe's behind you!
ShanwickOceanic07 Feb 19, 23:33
GoYou can never have too much frust... um, unless you're headed towards a house.
JLAmber07 Feb 19, 22:23
GoI want to live in the frustum-shaped building on the raft.
JLAmber07 Feb 19, 22:18
GoLove me some L-410
miamiair07 Feb 19, 09:54
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 07 FEB 19
ShanwickOceanic06 Feb 19, 11:42
GoReally nice catch! Loved.
miamiair06 Feb 19, 10:42
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 06 FEB 19
BJP77706 Feb 19, 02:41
GoThanks Ashley....It's been coming in all week and finally got it in good sun...been cloudy here far too long.
JLAmber05 Feb 19, 11:51
GoDo not try this at home!
md88dawg05 Feb 19, 02:38
GoWow, you can see the tail design nicely in this light!
JLAmber04 Feb 19, 23:47
GoThe light in this shot just won't work quite as well with the new livery.
JLAmber04 Feb 19, 22:27
GoRare to see one of these in the UK.
ShanwickOceanic04 Feb 19, 14:53
GoGreat shot! Welcome aboard!
ShanwickOceanic03 Feb 19, 08:03
GoCunningly disguised as a TriStar?
JLAmber01 Feb 19, 19:46
GoPerhaps this Loch drove the fastest milk float in the West?
JLAmber31 Jan 19, 20:40
GoSay hello to my little friend!
ShanwickOceanic31 Jan 19, 16:50
GoI'm pretty much certain that Loch Earn doesn't have an e on the end. Hmm.
md88dawg29 Jan 19, 06:17
GoNice moon catch!
md11frik26 Jan 19, 23:16
GoThanks! I missed it. But glad my pictures are being selected! Cheers!!
JLAmber24 Jan 19, 22:13
GoA sight consigned to history after LH ended passenger flights on the Ju-52.
ShanwickOceanic24 Jan 19, 00:03
GoThis is art!
ShanwickOceanic22 Jan 19, 21:09
GoOman Air hybrid?
ShanwickOceanic19 Jan 19, 22:16
GoGood catch.
ShanwickOceanic19 Jan 19, 17:44
GoVery nice indeed!
ShanwickOceanic18 Jan 19, 19:41
GoNice catch! Welcome :)
JLAmber17 Jan 19, 22:06
Go'Hands up if you can't wait to get back to the desert'
miamiair16 Jan 19, 12:46
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 16 JAN 19
JLAmber15 Jan 19, 22:29
GoNice catch. Welcome to netAirspace!
ShanwickOceanic15 Jan 19, 19:53
GoVery unusual to see a dash in a US N reg.
A34515 Jan 19, 13:45
GoYou asked for bad weather before and it looks like it worked out - well done Kas!
vwmatze15 Jan 19, 12:38
roni5713 Jan 19, 14:17
GoEstupenda foto Nano! Con una nitidez impresionante. Felicidades!
ShanwickOceanic12 Jan 19, 12:10
GoI remember that stuff!
miamiair11 Jan 19, 13:55
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 11 JAN 19

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