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airtrainer23 Feb 18, 15:15
GoThanks Ashley :)
md88dawg23 Feb 18, 02:23
GoLovely shot, Jeff!
reffado22 Feb 18, 19:02
GoThank you!
Allstarflyer22 Feb 18, 00:53
GoFan here of the Beechcraft Barons and Bonanzas. Nice unassuming setting, good shot.
JLAmber19 Feb 18, 12:20
GoNice light and beacon caught too. Welcome to netAirspace!
ShanwickOceanic18 Feb 18, 20:55
GoGreat stuff!
CentrelinePhoto18 Feb 18, 09:44
GoThanks. I think this might be the only one I got of Hillary Clinton's 737 :-)
airtrainer17 Feb 18, 11:39
GoLove that combination, great shot !
Lukas16 Feb 18, 17:00
JLAmber16 Feb 18, 16:44
GoThat's a great composition.
md88dawg16 Feb 18, 01:30
GoThank you, BJP777! :-D
BJP77715 Feb 18, 01:25
GoNice job on all your recent night shots!
airtrainer14 Feb 18, 19:12
GoLol, I was still able to upload a DL frame that was not yet in the database, how's that possible ? :)
vwmatze14 Feb 18, 17:00
vwmatze14 Feb 18, 16:59
Goschicke perspektive
md88dawg14 Feb 18, 00:59
GoNice! I still haven't seen this with the new stickers yet.
Allstarflyer13 Feb 18, 21:10
GoSharp stuff
Manuel EstevezR13 Feb 18, 00:16
GoPrecioso este encuadre, que nitidez, Saludos
Manuel EstevezR12 Feb 18, 11:24
GoAlthough a pity, surely it will never fly again.-
JLAmber11 Feb 18, 22:51
GoNice! Not many shots of this unfortunate KC-10 around.
JLAmber11 Feb 18, 21:59
GoOne careful owner, needs a little TLC...
md88dawg11 Feb 18, 19:33
GoThis aircraft was my flight home yesterday! I was wondering if it was in the database and realized it made an appearance at FLAP15.
JLAmber10 Feb 18, 12:48
GoVery nice. Welcome to netAirspace!
ShanwickOceanic10 Feb 18, 12:35
GoWow! Russian metal in gorgeous light :) Welcome!
Manuel EstevezR09 Feb 18, 23:37
GoSublime, brutal composición amigo, Felicidades por tal captura
OkkeBehm -[GSN]-09 Feb 18, 21:38
Gojust great
Roadrunner7708 Feb 18, 17:57
GoThe LH logo I love. Still the LH yellow on the tail :-)
ANCFlyer08 Feb 18, 10:57
GoNice grab. Chester doesn't look too shabby on a bus.
Manuel EstevezR07 Feb 18, 12:57
GoMuchas ARodríguez, gran día ese que pasamos, Saludos
ARodriguez06 Feb 18, 09:59
GoProciosa Manuel, muy oportuna y bien vista la jugada con anticipación.
vikkyvik06 Feb 18, 03:17
GoLooks like it's doing a Beluga impression.
venkat05 Feb 18, 10:05
GoThank you again!
vwmatze02 Feb 18, 12:23
GoNo, it was Crusader time
JLAmber01 Feb 18, 20:14
GoWhat's going on here? German Olympic team possibly?
JLAmber31 Jan 18, 23:13
GoNice! Bonus points for the snow-capped Teide in the background.
Manuel EstevezR31 Jan 18, 20:51
GoUna composición magnífica, acompañada de la estampa de un gran avión, una bonita librea y un fondo espectacular
JLAmber29 Jan 18, 21:55
GoThat's a welcome break from all the eurowhite liveries.
Lucas29 Jan 18, 09:05
GoThe lion outta Zion. Amazing photo! Such history.
JLAmber28 Jan 18, 18:26
GoNice catch at a scenic location there.
CO777ER28 Jan 18, 18:19
GoNice to see one of the old CO 762's still flying
JLAmber28 Jan 18, 17:27
GoAny door will do...
ShanwickOceanic25 Jan 18, 18:53
GoAnother BA rip-off tail? Classier than Lucky Air, granted, but...
ShanwickOceanic25 Jan 18, 10:08
GoFor some reason, I find this mix of spray and exhaust heat-haze fascinating.
ShanwickOceanic25 Jan 18, 07:49
GoLovely old metal!
JLAmber24 Jan 18, 22:05
GoThat just looks strange.
darrenvox24 Jan 18, 21:16
Goone of my favorite liveries
airtrainer23 Jan 18, 23:11
GoStunning shot !
vikkyvik23 Jan 18, 16:53
GoThanks! The 6D does pretty good with some carefully applied noise reduction.
JLAmber23 Jan 18, 13:14
GoThat's a lot of Lufthansa. I like the *A tail trying to blend in.
airtrainer23 Jan 18, 09:07
GoCertainly not bad for ISO 16000, wow !

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