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ShanwickOceanic16 Dec 17, 22:56
GoNice catch!
airtrainer15 Dec 17, 19:50
GoAwww, and with the Pan Am 727 in the back... If only we could go back in time !
Digdis15 Dec 17, 07:38
GoMaintenance: IL-Check
JLAmber14 Dec 17, 23:02
GoIs this being scrapped or repaired/in heavy maintenance?
JLAmber14 Dec 17, 22:35
GoNeeds more Allegiant...
CO777ER14 Dec 17, 02:04
GoI left off at MIA (woops)
vikkyvik13 Dec 17, 15:28
GoNice one Kas. But why the hell were the cabin lights left on??? That would piss me off.
TNCB13 Dec 17, 12:52
GoThanks! Yeah, I tried to blind as much as I could with my hoodie, but it wasn't ideal.
ShanwickOceanic13 Dec 17, 11:19
GoAnd yes, how very annoying. When I saw it, I was lucky to have a huge black coat to cover the entire window.
ShanwickOceanic13 Dec 17, 11:18
GoSpectacular shot! Not much beats seeing the aurora while in flight :)
ShanwickOceanic13 Dec 17, 08:39
GoNice. Now I know where I need to go to finish off my Whale Tails achievement...
vikkyvik13 Dec 17, 04:19
GoWell you need to up your watermark game, then.
miamiair12 Dec 17, 23:01
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 13 DEC 17
ShanwickOceanic12 Dec 17, 20:08
GoI think we can do better than that!
miamiair11 Dec 17, 22:54
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 12 DEC 17
ShanwickOceanic11 Dec 17, 22:01
GoSo much to love about this shot!
JLAmber11 Dec 17, 19:29
GoApart from this, by some guy who seems familiar:
vikkyvik11 Dec 17, 19:05
GoOh, and I neglected to mention that the KE A380 is parked at its usual spot.
ShanwickOceanic11 Dec 17, 18:19
GoStunning shot, wow!
Manuel EstevezR11 Dec 17, 10:38
GoThank you, Mario
rbpace11 Dec 17, 06:48
GoMany Thanks.
CO777ER10 Dec 17, 21:44
GoThis may be the only photo in the DB with 2 AA MD-80s in the same shot.
Severin H09 Dec 17, 23:01
GoWhich lens?
Toto Aus BO07 Dec 17, 06:11
Gothanks team
JLAmber06 Dec 17, 20:32
GoThis and your whole series of nighttime ramp shots are excellent.
ShanwickOceanic05 Dec 17, 20:04
GoReally interesting catch.
Ventor05 Dec 17, 19:15
GoWonderful shot!
vikkyvik04 Dec 17, 16:40
GoNice shot!
md88dawg04 Dec 17, 06:17
GoVery nice!
md88dawg03 Dec 17, 07:10
GoThank you, vwmatze!
vwmatze02 Dec 17, 09:39
ANCFlyer01 Dec 17, 01:50
GoThat is a great shot!!! Well done sir.
JLAmber29 Nov 17, 21:02
GoThat's a very stylish livery.
D-OTTI29 Nov 17, 17:39
ShanwickOceanic29 Nov 17, 17:24
GoFlown it!
vwmatze27 Nov 17, 07:02
ANCFlyer26 Nov 17, 12:31
GoVery nice shot!!!
airtrainer25 Nov 17, 19:52
GoWhat they said :) Welcome on board !
JLAmber25 Nov 17, 17:01
Go^What he said. Nice to see an old MON bird find a new home so quickly.
ARodriguez25 Nov 17, 06:30
GoYes its were coming back from the Spanish National Day air parade
vikkyvik25 Nov 17, 02:45
GoThe best sort of conditions!
ShanwickOceanic24 Nov 17, 18:11
GoOoh, nice catch! And welcome!
HT-ETNW24 Nov 17, 06:23
GoAre these 4 Canadair CL-215T flying in the background ?
ShanwickOceanic23 Nov 17, 11:24
GoRather you than me, being out in that! Paid off, though...
ShanwickOceanic22 Nov 17, 09:59
GoNice catch, and welcome!
ShanwickOceanic22 Nov 17, 08:31
GoI'm no sports fan, but these birds always look so smart.
ShanwickOceanic21 Nov 17, 08:09
GoNot planning to order the A380-900 then?
JLAmber20 Nov 17, 23:21
ShanwickOceanic20 Nov 17, 08:38
GoI was on that last night. Stupid reindeer ate my bag >:(
spotterleal20 Nov 17, 08:26
GoThanks mate.

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