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miamiair17 Sep 18, 17:29
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 18 SEPT 18
JLAmber16 Sep 18, 23:15
GoI think you were distracted by the Fiat Panda ;)
Manuel EstevezR14 Sep 18, 00:43
GoThank you to all, Best Regards
Darth Spotter09 Sep 18, 19:56
GoOh, you're right. Maybe I was a bit distracted by the SIXT car rental advertising.... ;)
JLAmber09 Sep 18, 17:18
GoOne of them is easy...
Alex Alvarez07 Sep 18, 20:11
airtrainer06 Sep 18, 15:41
GoGreat one Martin !
Sansibar06 Sep 18, 13:11
GoDas war mein erster Tag Spotting :D
md11frik05 Sep 18, 02:40
GoOMG!! What a stunning shot!! The light is superb!!
ShanwickOceanic04 Sep 18, 18:31
GoHa, I just uploaded a very similar shot and now I see yours! :)
Zak04 Sep 18, 10:33
GoOne of the most beautiful aircraft around. Welcome to netAirspace!
Zak04 Sep 18, 10:32
GoBeautiful colour contrast. I really need to come to Tenerife one day :) Welcome to netAirspace!
Zak04 Sep 18, 10:31
GoNice b/w detail shot. Welcome to netAirspace!
JLAmber03 Sep 18, 22:33
GoGreat light, welcome to netAirspace!
JLAmber03 Sep 18, 15:22
GoMust be chilly in those F-15s. Welcome to netAirspace!
JLAmber31 Aug 18, 15:19
GoNice, welcome to netAirspace!
Manuel EstevezR30 Aug 18, 11:47
GoClick here Very interesting surprise on the night of August 29 in Tenerife South, with the visit of this B739-BBJ. Congratulations, Lean type your comment (180 characters maximum)
ShanwickOceanic29 Aug 18, 10:54
GoNice catch! Welcome aboard :)
aviationmanpr29 Aug 18, 07:06
GoBuena pesca!
Manuel EstevezR28 Aug 18, 23:16
GoA very nice shot Lean, very nice, Regards
JLAmber28 Aug 18, 17:22
md11frik28 Aug 18, 12:20
CentrelinePhoto24 Aug 18, 20:19
GoDon't worry, I know it was a joke. I should have put a ;) at the end.... ;)
vikkyvik24 Aug 18, 18:07
GoOh, sorry, that was just a joke. I love this photo. I just love it so much I hate it.
CentrelinePhoto24 Aug 18, 14:41
GoConstructive feedback gratefully accepted, Vik.
vikkyvik24 Aug 18, 13:45
GoI forgot to mention previously how much I hate this photo.
ShanwickOceanic23 Aug 18, 16:11
GoThat's gorgeous!
aviationmanpr23 Aug 18, 06:21
aviationmanpr23 Aug 18, 06:19
ShanwickOceanic22 Aug 18, 09:03
GoFrom other angles, you can see the patch over the cockpit where they separated the saucer section.
ShanwickOceanic21 Aug 18, 21:07
GoWhoa. Nice.
JLAmber21 Aug 18, 20:21
GoThat's a long way from home. Any idea why it's in the UK?
JLAmber20 Aug 18, 21:52
GoWelcome to netAirspace!
JLAmber20 Aug 18, 15:04
GoDespite the fake reg amusingly applied while the aircraft is grounded, this is not a Constitution Class Starship ;)
ShanwickOceanic20 Aug 18, 06:25
GoOK, who let the Trekkie loose with the sticky letters?
natalymalcon8818 Aug 18, 16:33
GoIt's so cool!
md11frik18 Aug 18, 03:09
GoWow!! This is a great catch!!
CentrelinePhoto17 Aug 18, 20:07
GoAwesome light and, man, that jetwash!
Paul Chandler116 Aug 18, 21:39
GoThanks Ed not a bad one as my 6000th shot on the site.
ShanwickOceanic16 Aug 18, 21:18
GoGreat shot!
aviationmanpr16 Aug 18, 08:25
Go"Wiener Sängerknaben"!
CentrelinePhoto16 Aug 18, 08:14
GoGreat conditions that day :-)
airtrainer16 Aug 18, 01:59
GoGreat capture, Chris !
JLAmber15 Aug 18, 22:09
GoGreat shot. There must have been a lot of probe damage to justify all those markings.
ShanwickOceanic15 Aug 18, 18:44
GoAwesome shot! Insta-loved!
spotteralex15 Aug 18, 14:32
GoThanks mate, I appreciate that!
Maurits E14 Aug 18, 22:51
GoTrue!! :(
aviationmanpr14 Aug 18, 14:11
Go"Himachal Pradesh"!
aviationmanpr14 Aug 18, 14:11
Go"Himachal Pradesh"!
ShanwickOceanic12 Aug 18, 10:07
GoNice catch.

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