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A34525 Mar 19, 17:41
GoIt's Stefan, the best bus driver at Hamburg Airport!
ShanwickOceanic25 Mar 19, 07:27
GoYep, that chap on the left is letting the side down a bit!
JLAmber24 Mar 19, 23:09
GoNeeds more high-vis!
JLAmber24 Mar 19, 21:07
Florida Metal24 Mar 19, 13:45
GoUnfortunately this plane crashed on Sept 1, 2018 in Tennessee killing the pilot.
JLAmber23 Mar 19, 19:09
GoThat's mad! I want one.
md88dawg23 Mar 19, 02:43
vikkyvik20 Mar 19, 13:43
GoThe name of the airplane juxtaposed with the co-pilot makes me laugh.
Sergio Luna N19 Mar 19, 20:34
GoMuy buen angulo , y la luz muy favorable ! excelente!
JLAmber19 Mar 19, 12:49
GoNow there's something you don't see very often. Great catch!
ShanwickOceanic18 Mar 19, 14:11
GoD'OH! ;)
JLAmber18 Mar 19, 12:30
GoLooks like this was written off yesterday when it tipped at DOH due to cargo being offloaded nose-first.
JLAmber18 Mar 19, 12:24
GoOne for the VTOL & geology fans. Nice!
HT-ETNW18 Mar 19, 06:27
GoFinally a Three-holer Airbus ! :-)
ANCFlyer17 Mar 19, 22:48
GoHometown line up!
D-OTTI17 Mar 19, 08:57
GoThat´s true! Thank you my friend.
ShanwickOceanic16 Mar 19, 18:41
GoDanger, indeed...
ShanwickOceanic16 Mar 19, 16:30
GoCracking shot!
ShanwickOceanic16 Mar 19, 15:31
GoLove the gear reflected in the shiny belly.
AirbusOne16 Mar 19, 10:38
GoRemember that day well, great shot ;-)
ShanwickOceanic16 Mar 19, 08:12
GoEI-LBS, formerly OH-LBS!
symphonicpoet16 Mar 19, 06:22
GoAlmost funnier: Looking through my own MD-80 photos I even have a picture of one myself. Just . . . didn't notice.
agnernoemi15 Mar 19, 20:39
Go1980px :)
vikkyvik15 Mar 19, 17:03
GoBeautiful light.
ShanwickOceanic15 Mar 19, 14:08
GoOh yes, I bet that made for some interesting results in Google. Safe search on, image search off!
JLAmber15 Mar 19, 12:35
GoIt's the nosewheel deflector of a gravel kit fitted to jets that use secondary runways. Some 732s also had them fitted.
D-OTTI14 Mar 19, 07:37
GoThat was not a big problem. Meanwhile the registration is D-ISEA. And therefore a c/n exists. I had not too long to research for it.
symphonicpoet14 Mar 19, 06:46
GoThank you! I'll be darned. I've been watching MDs and DCs since I was a little kid. (St. Louis used to have the things coming out the gills.) Never noticed that before.
JLAmber13 Mar 19, 16:43
GoI pity the DB editor who had to research this one.
Eduardo Salazar13 Mar 19, 06:47
GoIt's a nosewheel fender.
symphonicpoet13 Mar 19, 03:43
GoIs that a smudge on the photograph at the nosewheel or is there truly something that . . . odd?
A34512 Mar 19, 18:12
GoActually a weather diversion from Cologne, a one off unfortunately
JLAmber11 Mar 19, 19:40
GoThat's a lot of freight capacity. What were they doing at HAM?
merzbrueck10 Mar 19, 09:51
GoThank you.
md88dawg10 Mar 19, 00:20
GoThanks, it was such a thrill to hear those!
ShanwickOceanic09 Mar 19, 22:00
GoNice catch. Sharp-looking bird, too.
JLAmber09 Mar 19, 19:30
GoNice Growler!
ShanwickOceanic09 Mar 19, 12:28
GoThis is always a great angle, and Aeroflot's livery is among the best, but the way that red just leads into the line of the wing is particularly pleasing.
airtrainer08 Mar 19, 13:24
GoThat shot looks familiar :))
Florida Metal08 Mar 19, 12:53
GoYeah I been catching a lot of ex Frontier planes at Tampa going to other carriers as Frontier gets it's new NEOs
JLAmber07 Mar 19, 21:51
GoAn interesting catch with the US reg. still evident. This airframe has been owned by 6 now-defunct airlines.
JLAmber05 Mar 19, 16:01
GoNice! Well worth a root through some old files.
GQfluffy04 Mar 19, 00:35
GoThat nose solidified a (corporate) empire.
Michal Kuna03 Mar 19, 19:26
Michal Kuna03 Mar 19, 18:15
Gonice paint !
vwmatze03 Mar 19, 18:07
JLAmber03 Mar 19, 14:41
GoNice catch, welcome to netAirspace!
Michal Kuna03 Mar 19, 13:58
Go..a tutaj nie zabronil :)
ShanwickOceanic02 Mar 19, 17:05
GoNice catch with the RAT.
JLAmber28 Feb 19, 22:36

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