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D-OTTI24 Apr 17, 16:05
GoThank you for hating me, I was in Kai Tak for two times. And I´m so sad, that this airport has gone!
airtrainer24 Apr 17, 14:47
Go2. "Woww you've been to Kai Tak, I hate you !"
airtrainer24 Apr 17, 14:46
Go1. "Woww you've been to Kai Tak, amazing !"
ShanwickOceanic23 Apr 17, 22:26
GoGreat light and everything hanging out - great shot, loved!
airtrainer22 Apr 17, 16:09
GoThanks Ed :)
md88dawg22 Apr 17, 02:52
GoThanks! The post does look like a winglet on the 777--a sort of sneak peek if they had been designed on the 777. :-)
ShanwickOceanic21 Apr 17, 22:42
GoGorgeous colours, AND a Swiss A330 - loved!
paul mcallister21 Apr 17, 22:38
GoSpectacular shot-The B747 looks fantastic in KLM livery.
miamiair21 Apr 17, 12:28
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 21 APR 17
venkat21 Apr 17, 09:57
GoThank you!
JLAmber20 Apr 17, 20:30
GoLovely light. Looks like it has a winglet on the left wing at first glance.
Maurits E19 Apr 17, 13:00
GoGot a bit wet, but worth it! :P
paul mcallister18 Apr 17, 21:56
GoPreviously this reg was on a DHC-7 which was damaged in an accident 1/05/2006 in Liberia serving with the UN.
ShanwickOceanic18 Apr 17, 20:37
GoAmazing contrast!
Jesus Moreno18 Apr 17, 17:45
ShanwickOceanic18 Apr 17, 15:24
GoNice day for it :P Seems you were well rewarded, though.
MD11Spotter18 Apr 17, 14:14
Go707 Paradise
ShanwickOceanic17 Apr 17, 22:01
GoGreat shot, loved - and welcome!
airtrainer15 Apr 17, 16:05
GoThanks Vic :)
airtrainer14 Apr 17, 13:27
Goamazing shot !
miamiair14 Apr 17, 10:46
GoC'est magnifique.
aviationmanpr13 Apr 17, 18:31
GoKiryat Shmona / קרית שמונה
ShanwickOceanic13 Apr 17, 06:56
GoWhat a great shot. Loved!
ShanwickOceanic11 Apr 17, 14:09
GoStunning light for that gold!
ShanwickOceanic08 Apr 17, 16:49
GoInteresting view!
Maurits E08 Apr 17, 08:32
GoThanks a lot!
FootAndFly06 Apr 17, 19:29
GoMomentan bist du ja nicht selten spotten :D
airtrainer05 Apr 17, 18:31
GoWill become N648NK
JLAmber05 Apr 17, 14:31
GoThat's a great shot, definitely the best angle for the bmi livery.
ShanwickOceanic04 Apr 17, 12:52
GoViews:1 Comments:1 Loves:1 :) Absolutely beautiful shot.
ShanwickOceanic04 Apr 17, 10:53
GoLovely stuff!
Zak04 Apr 17, 08:41
GoNice light, I like the contrast. Welcome to netAirspace!
ShanwickOceanic03 Apr 17, 19:40
GoGreat light for a great catch. Loved!
ZuluRR02 Apr 17, 19:18
GoWell, it was quite challenging to move everyone out of the frame :p
md88dawg01 Apr 17, 05:49
GoHaha! There's always the one who doesn't behave. :-D
airtrainer31 Mar 17, 20:48
GoNasty kid !
Maurits E30 Mar 17, 10:22
GoHaha true! :D
Maurits E30 Mar 17, 10:21
GoThank you Vik and Lars!
Maurits E30 Mar 17, 10:21
GoThanks guys! :)
A34528 Mar 17, 23:26
GoA great wallpaper - thanks for sharing Maurits!
CentrelinePhoto28 Mar 17, 21:18
GoI love this. You get this perspective so often up in that chopper - I just wish I'd thought to make use of it!
ShanwickOceanic28 Mar 17, 20:58
GoThe combination of that yellow and the checkered road markings makes me think of a New York taxi.
vikkyvik28 Mar 17, 14:38
GoThat is awesome.
vikkyvik28 Mar 17, 13:57
GoCool shot!
JLAmber28 Mar 17, 13:10
GoNice! It's is like the Where's Wally of aviation photos.
JLAmber27 Mar 17, 21:03
GoIf you look carefully on the hill to the left there's a sign that says "Hahahaha, glad you're all cold" That's me.
vikkyvik27 Mar 17, 14:05
GoGo away.
A34527 Mar 17, 09:30
GoLooks like you captured a rather quiet moment at Parchim International Airport
ShanwickOceanic27 Mar 17, 07:20
GoNice shot! Disappointed that you didn't get the reg on the chopper though.
ShanwickOceanic27 Mar 17, 06:54
GoOoh, nice catch!

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