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ShanwickOceanic19 Nov 18, 07:51
GoThat bird could do with a wash. They don't usually look that bad till it's properly winter.
ShanwickOceanic17 Nov 18, 21:42
GoAbsolute stunner of a shot! Loved!
Ventor17 Nov 18, 17:21
GoEines meiner Favoriten von heute! :)
D-OTTI14 Nov 18, 20:09
Go...these wonderful oldie.
D-OTTI14 Nov 18, 20:08
GoYes of course, for a couple of years Greenpeace used this Catalina. I think that was short after delivery in the old color scheme. Maybe in the next times there will follow scan of
JLAmber14 Nov 18, 18:31
GoAmazing how things have changed. Is that a Catalina in the background?
JLAmber12 Nov 18, 20:44
GoShe survived and still flies today, sorry Ed ;)
JLAmber12 Nov 18, 15:51
GoThat's a great catch, nice light too.
paul mcallister10 Nov 18, 00:20
miamiair09 Nov 18, 10:24
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 09 NOV 18
TNCB08 Nov 18, 11:05
GoThanks guys!
A34508 Nov 18, 00:32
ShanwickOceanic07 Nov 18, 22:39
GoNice bit of history there!
GQfluffy07 Nov 18, 20:56
miamiair07 Nov 18, 10:40
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 07 NOV 18
ShanwickOceanic07 Nov 18, 06:27
Go'When we said, "Dogs welcome," we meant IN the helicopter.'
vikkyvik06 Nov 18, 16:33
CentrelinePhoto06 Nov 18, 16:22
GoFor someone who's colour blind, that's more colour than I've ever seen in a rainbow. Nice.
miamiair06 Nov 18, 13:05
ShanwickOceanic06 Nov 18, 12:09
ShanwickOceanic06 Nov 18, 10:01
GoSad, but a great catch. Thanks for uploading it.
Manuel EstevezR05 Nov 18, 22:16
GoThank you very much, Roni, best regards
JLAmber04 Nov 18, 22:39
GoI wonder of any airport has more water-cannon salutes than HAM?
JLAmber04 Nov 18, 21:19
GoMust be one of the last flights of a German AF Phantom. Nice catch.
roni5704 Nov 18, 10:51
GoGreat spotting afternoon in TFS, Lorenzo, Evelio, Carballo, me....!!! Congratulations Manuel!!
roni5704 Nov 18, 10:49
GoGreat image!!!
roni5704 Nov 18, 10:47
GoGreat photo Manuel, like always!!!
roni5704 Nov 18, 10:45
GoGreat photo Miguel!!!
Manuel EstevezR03 Nov 18, 20:29
GoI would say that I know the one that is closest, well everyone in reality Good photo and good afternoon we spent Congratulations
roni5703 Nov 18, 19:11
GoThank you!!
roni5703 Nov 18, 19:10
GoThank you!!
Manuel EstevezR03 Nov 18, 19:09
GoVery nice shot and great aircraft, my favorite, B747
Manuel EstevezR03 Nov 18, 19:09
GoCongratulations and wellcome.
Manuel EstevezR03 Nov 18, 16:59
GoCongratulations Mikel, Face to Face, Good and Nice Shot!!!
MIKELFLY03 Nov 18, 16:44
GoCongrats, Roman. Good Shot!
JLAmber03 Nov 18, 15:03
GoSmoking! Wecome to netAirspace!
JLAmber02 Nov 18, 13:58
GoNice, welcome to netAirspace!
miamiair02 Nov 18, 09:45
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 02 NOV 18
JLAmber29 Oct 18, 21:21
GoNice catch, always good to see an active DC-8. Welcome to netAirspace!
md88dawg29 Oct 18, 03:15
GoWow, nice catch!
D-OTTI26 Oct 18, 13:05
GoSorry, but this is a steam engine 737! ;-)
JLAmber25 Oct 18, 14:35
GoAn early coal-fired 737?
Manuel EstevezR23 Oct 18, 20:12
GoExcelente captura, colores, luz, felicidades
Manuel EstevezR23 Oct 18, 20:11
GoBuena captura, Congrats
A34517 Oct 18, 15:21
GoLoved the country, Vive la France!
airtrainer16 Oct 18, 06:35
GoGreat light, great livery for a great shot. Enjoy France :)
ShanwickOceanic15 Oct 18, 20:51
GoLivery looks suspiciously like an ex Trans Jamaican bird.
A34514 Oct 18, 21:03
GoAnd no, it wasn't on a boat but in a picturesque small town on the banks of the Rhône.
A34514 Oct 18, 21:02
GoActually we saw them from quite a distance while filling up the car at a gas station. We wildly guessed the location and we hit the spot by pure luck!
JLAmber14 Oct 18, 19:53
GoOutstanding! Were you on a boat to get these shots?

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