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miamiair24 May 19, 09:11
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 25 MAY 19
A34523 May 19, 22:06
GoWelcome to netairspace!
ShanwickOceanic23 May 19, 17:17
GoJust lovely!
ShanwickOceanic23 May 19, 14:48
GoWu-NY-la Dreaming, you mean?
vikkyvik23 May 19, 13:52
GoTrue. Though I assume it will stay in this livery, to join the Sox and Celts liveries (and the NY ones we won't walk about).
GQfluffy21 May 19, 17:25
GoWould be a shame if they repainted this ship just for them to lose in two weeks.
ShanwickOceanic21 May 19, 08:58
GoThat's an interesting bird!
vikkyvik20 May 19, 20:12
GoThis one looks surprisingly good.
ShanwickOceanic20 May 19, 18:45
GoThat's some damn fine light.
vikkyvik20 May 19, 17:54
ShanwickOceanic20 May 19, 15:12
GoMmmm, Comic Sans.....
skidmarks19 May 19, 06:19
GoFound two of them on the cargo ramp when I got into work Friday morning. Bonus!!
ShanwickOceanic18 May 19, 12:21
GoNice catch.
JLAmber16 May 19, 21:13
GoThese are the piano key reflections you're looking for...
ShanwickOceanic16 May 19, 13:41
GoDB editor note: Aircraft for Air Canada ex retro Air Portugal
JLAmber15 May 19, 22:03
GoOoh, shiny!
ShanwickOceanic13 May 19, 13:27
GoWith that registration, why isn't it a cow?
Timmerinho12 May 19, 07:29
GoWay much better the elephant there..! :-)
ShanwickOceanic11 May 19, 15:16
GoGoing out in style!
aviationmanpr09 May 19, 23:12
Go16 loves for this shot, wonderful!
ShanwickOceanic07 May 19, 06:26
GoA330 on one of the evening flights, in addition to the morning A350?
miamiair03 May 19, 11:41
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 03 MAY 19
ShanwickOceanic03 May 19, 07:56
GoGood catch. Zak and I saw a US Airways A330 with it all hanging out at one of the MAN meets. Flight number was 787! Photos 1272 and 1841.
Paul Chandler102 May 19, 12:09
GoAircraft was having a technical issue as the gear door remained down and main gear bogies tilted forwards rather than rearwards
paul mcallister30 Apr 19, 23:06
GoNo point having a parachute with that little beastie.
JLAmber30 Apr 19, 20:56
GoI'm getting claustrophobia just looking at that.
darrenvox28 Apr 19, 09:43
Gothe machine towing the plane is a farm tractor
D-OTTI24 Apr 19, 04:08
GoOh yes, plus some go arounds with landing on the other RWY.
JLAmber23 Apr 19, 20:56
GoA little windy at HAM today?
JLAmber22 Apr 19, 21:20
GoNice catch, that's one long delivery flight!
JLAmber22 Apr 19, 17:26
GoWow, that Israeli interesting!
CentrelinePhoto22 Apr 19, 08:57
GoWow, that is a BIG surprise!
airtrainer22 Apr 19, 08:18
GoWow that's really cool !
Florida Metal21 Apr 19, 09:52
Gooh cool thanks
ShanwickOceanic19 Apr 19, 15:48
GoWelcome aboard!
Florida Metal18 Apr 19, 03:47
GoWell there is that act where the guy lands a Piper Cub on top of a Dodge Ram
JLAmber17 Apr 19, 21:42
GoCan't say I've ever seen an aircraft on a roof-rack before.
ANCFlyer16 Apr 19, 10:56
GoBRRRRRRRRRTTT!!! Spectacular.
Florida Metal11 Apr 19, 13:58
GoDetroit Red Wings NHL and Detroit Tigers MLB
vikkyvik10 Apr 19, 18:05
GoWow....such a different look from 10 years ago, when it was all European airlines!
vikkyvik10 Apr 19, 15:46
GoNice light!
AviationHamburg10 Apr 19, 07:15
GoTrue ;-) Thanks
vikkyvik09 Apr 19, 19:04
GoDon't think this is LAX. Seems this frame is stored at MZJ....
vikkyvik09 Apr 19, 18:59
GoCrappy weather but cool photo!
A34506 Apr 19, 23:11
Florida Metal04 Apr 19, 09:54
Gooh cool, it has to be heading to some museum then. I don't remember them mentioning it on the tour.
JLAmber03 Apr 19, 17:50
GoStory here:
JLAmber03 Apr 19, 17:50
GoIt was awarded an honorary Purple Heart. Quite the story, it made it safely down with both wings and all four engines written off.
miamiair03 Apr 19, 10:44
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 03 APR 19
Florida Metal02 Apr 19, 10:08
GoWhat is the significance of this particular C-130?

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