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On This Day: 1995

Aviation events for 1995

January 5: Benjamin Robert Rich passes away. He became known as the “Father of Stealth,” after succeeding Kelly Johnson at the famed Lockheed “SkunkWorks.”
January 26: Outbreak of the Cenepa War between Peru and Ecuador. Peruvian Mil Mi-8 and Mil Mi-25, as well as Ecuadorian Aérospatiale Gazelle helicopters begin ground attack operations.
February 2: U.S. space shuttle Discovery launched.
February 3: STS 63 (Discovery 19), launches into orbit.
February 9: During Space Shuttle Columbia mission STS-55, astronaut Bernard A. Harris, Jr. becomes the first African American to perform a spacewalk while Michael Foale becomes the first Briton to do the same.
February 10: The first prototype of Antonov’s new An-70 large prop-powered transporter is destroyed after a mid-air collision with an An-72 chase plane. All seven aboard are killed in the crash.
February 10: Two Peruvian Sukhoi Su-22Ms are shot down by a pair of Ecuadorian Mirage F.1JAs. Almost simultaneously, a Peruvian Cessna A-37B is also shot down by an Ecuadorian Kfir C.2.
February 10: The prototype Antonov An-70 is destroyed after a mid-air collision with an An-72 chase plane. All seven aboard are killed.
February 11: Space shuttle STS-63 (Discovery 19), lands.
February 13: violent thunderstorm causes $5 million in damage at Miami International Airport. Four airliners and nine air-bridges are seriously damaged.
February 22: The CIA’s Corona reconnaissance satellite program, run in secret with help from the US Air Force from 1959 through 1972, is declassified. Corona satellites were launched aboard rockets, took photos of the Soviet Union and China, then parachuted back into the atmosphere where they would be retrieved in the air by specially equipped US Air Force C-119 Flying Boxcar transport planes.
March 2: Space shuttle STS-67 (Endeavour 8), launches.
March 14: An Aeroflot Antonov An-12 crashes near Baku after running out of fuel. Crew negligence is blamed, and it is suggested that the flight crew were drunk.
March 14: 1st time 13 people in space.
March 17: An Intercontinental de Aviacion McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15 (HK-3564X) burns in Barranquilla, Coloumbia. Though the aircraft is completed destroyed in the fire, which begins after a short-circuit in the aft lavatory, all passengers survive.
April 26: A Mikoyan MiG-29 sets a new FAI class C-1h world altitude record of 90,092 ft.
May 31: The first flight of the Schweizer RU-38A Twin Condor long-range surveillance aircraft takes place in Elmira, New York.
June 7: The Boeing 777-200 enters service with United Airlines.
June 17: The Boeing 777 enters service with United Airlines.
June 20: First flight of Boeing 767-300F.
August 16: A Concorde sets a new speed record for a round-the-world flight. It returns to JFK International Airport in New York after a journey lasting 31 hours 27 minutes, passing through Toulouse, Dubai, Bangkok, Guam, Honolulu and Acapulco.
August 21: ASA Flight 529, an EMB Brasilia, crashes due to a faulty propeller blade. A post-crash fire kills nine passengers and the captain.
August 25: First flight of the Airbus A319.
September 22: A U.S. Air Force E-3 Sentry (Callsign Yukla 27, serial number 77-0354), crashes shortly after take off from Elmendorf AFB, AK. The plane lost power to both port side engines after these engines ingested several Canada Geese during takeoff. The aircraft went down in a heavily wooded area about two miles northeast of the runway, killing all 24 crew members on board.
October 7: First flight of the Learjet 45.
November 2: First flight of the Fokker F60.
November 28: First flight of the Gulfstream V.
November 29: First flight of the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.
December 20: American Airlines Flight 965, a Boeing 757, crashed on approach to Calí, Colombia, due to pilot error. Of the 159 passengers and crew aboard, four passengers survived.

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