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On This Day: 1937

Aviation events for 1937

February 7: The prototype Blackburn B.24 Skua two-seat fighter/dive-bomber makes its maiden flight, piloted by “Dasher” Blake at Brough, Yorkshire; it is Britain’s first dive-bomber.
February 19: Howard Hughes establishes a new transcontinental speed record of 7 hours 28 minutes 25 seconds from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey.
March 20: An attempted round-the-world flight by leading US woman aviator Amelia Earhart ends dramatically when the starboard tire of her Lockheed Electra airliner bursts during take-off from Honolulu, Hawaii. Because of damage, the expedition is temporary abandoned. The first leg from Oakland, California to Honolulu on March 17 was made in 16 hours, an east/west record.
March 30: The CAC Wirraway, the Australian version of the North American NA-16, makes its maiden flight.
April 2: Swedish airplane manufacturer Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (SAAB) is established in Trollhättan, Sweden.
April 5: The first jet aircraft designed and built in Czechoslovakia, the Aero L-29 Delfin, makes its first flight. Over 3,000 of these two-seater jet trainers are produced for the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact air forces.
April 5: The Douglas Aircraft Company takes over Northrop.
April 12: Sir Frank Whittle conducts ground-tests of the world’s first jet engine designed specifically to power an aircraft. Read more...
April 28: The first commercial flight across the Pacific is made as a Pan-American Boeing 314 Clipper seaplane arrives in Hong Kong.
May 6: The Hindenburg explodes at NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, ending the era of the airship
May 7: The first successful pressurized airplane cabin is achieved in the Lockheed XC-35.
July 2: Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan are lost over the South Pacific near Howland Island in a Lockheed Electra. This was to be her last long-distance attempt.
July 12: Mikhail Gromov, A. B. Yumashev, and S. A. Danilin establish a new distance record of 10,148 km (6,303 miles) from Moscow to San Jacinto, California, USA via the North Pole in a Tupolev ANT-25, covering the distance in 62 hours 17 minutes.
July 14: A Soviet crew breaks the world distance flying record by staying airborne for over two days while flying from Moscow over the North Pole.
July 19: The official search for missing flyers Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan is abandoned.
July 23: The International Military Aircraft Competition at Dübendorf near Zürich provides the picturesque venue for the first major demonstration of the Messerschmitt Bf 109.
July 26: Famous pilot, Jacqueline Cochran, sets a new speed record for women by flying over 203 mph.

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