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On This Day: 1935

Aviation events for 1935

January 11: Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman pilot to fly solo between Hawaii and the United States. She takes off from Wheeler Field, Oahu, Honolulu, to fly her Lockheed Vega across the eastern Pacific to Oakland, California. Earhart lands after 18 hours 15 minutes.
January 14: United Air Lines decides to equip its fleet with a de-icing system for airplane wings, following successful tests on a Boeing 247.
February 11: The first flight in the United States with a car slung underneath the fuselage takes place.
February 12: The USS Macon, a US Navy scouting zeppelin with the ability to launch fighter aircraft, is damaged in a storm and sinks off the coast of California.
February 13: Bruno Hauptmann is convicted of murder for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh’s 20-month-old son Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. He would be executed in the New Jersey’s infamous “Old Smokey” electric chair a year later.
February 27: Latècoère’s giant seaplane Santos Dumont lands with a cargo of mail after a record flight of 53 hours 4 minutes from Natal, Brazil to Paris, with two stops en route.
March 6: U.S secretary of commerce signs a special air traffic regulation that prohibits air flights over parts of Washington, D.C.
March 17: German authorities make the color-coding at vital aircraft parts obligatory; red for fire circuit-breakers, green for temperature regulators, yellow for throttles and brown for hydraulic circuits.
April 12: The Bristol Blenheim, a British light bomber, makes takes off from Filton, England on its maiden test flight. Read more...
April 20: The first passengers leave for Australia on a new Imperial Airways/QANTAS service; the first Australian departures were made from Brisbane on April 17.
May 8: The U.S. Commerce Department announces in Washington, D.C. that blind-landing radio equipment developed by a U.S. Army Air Corps team under Captain Hegenberger is to be installed at all major airports between New York and Los Angeles.
July 11: Laura Ingalls arrives in Burbank, California after an 18-hour flight from Floyd Bennett Field, New York, making her the first woman to fly east to west across the United States.
July 30: Lieutenant Frank Akers of the U.S. Navy becomes the first person to make a “blind” landing at sea. His biplane has a hooded cockpit allowing him to see only his controls and instruments. He lands on the USS Langley.
September 13: Millionaire film producer and amateur air racer Howard Hughes shatters the world land plane speed record in his home built Hughes Racer airplane.
November 11: Orville Anderson and Albert Stevens in Explorer II establish altitude record for balloons of 72,395 feet in the United States.
December 17: First flight of the Douglas DC-3.

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