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On This Day: August 30

Aviation events for August 30

1913: American inventor Lawrence B. Sperry successfully demonstrates the first gyroscopic automatic stabilizing device for powered airplanes when Lt. Patrick N. L. Bellinger pilots a U.S. Navy flying boat designated C-2 and relinquishes full control to the autopilot.
1933: Air France, France’s national airline, is formed.
1952: First flight of the Avro Vulcan.
1962: First flight of the YS-11, Japan’s first aircraft since WW2.
1969: First flight of the Tupolev Tu-22M.
1971: ACES (Colombia) is formed.
1982: First flight of the F-20 Tigershark 82-0062.
1994: Lockheed and Martin Marietta announce their intention to merge. They will form Lockheed-Martin the following year.
1999: Last flight of Reno Air.

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