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On This Day: July 6

Aviation events for July 6

1919: The first person to arrive in the United States by air from Europe is Englishman Flt. Lt. J. E. M. Pritchard. He arrives with the airship R.34, which has entered American skies after leaving Scotland on July 2 to cross the North Atlantic.
1951: The first in-flight refueling under combat conditions is made by four US RF-80 A’s, refueled by a KB-29 tanker.
1960: Sikorsky’s S-62 amphibious helicopter wins federal approval for operation as a commercial passenger aircraft.
1992: The final F-4 Phantom IIs are retired from Royal Air Force service.
1996: Delta Airlines Flt. 1288, An uncontained engine failure of the port (left) engine on the aircraft which resulted in a fan hub piercing the cabin. The flight was scheduled to fly to Atlanta. Two passengers were killed.
2013: Asiana Flight 214, a Boeing 777-200 crashes at SFO with 291 passengers and 16 aboard. There were three fatalities.

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