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On This Day: July 14

Aviation events for July 14

1914: Dr. Robert H. Goddard is granted a patent for his liquid fuel rocket engine.
1922: Robin Olds is born in Honalulu, HI. He would rise to the rank of Brigardier General, a fighter pilot in three wars.
1934: Flamboyant flying tycoon Howard Hughes lands in New York after a record-breaking flight around the Northern Hemisphere.
1937: A Soviet crew breaks the world distance flying record by staying airborne for over two days while flying from Moscow over the North Pole.
1948: Six Royal Air Force (RAF) Vampires land after completing the first transatlantic flight made by jet aircraft.
1955: First flight of the Martin XP6M-1 Seamaster, BuNo 138821.
1959: First flight of the Sukhoi T-431, prototype of the Sukhoi Su-9.
1971: First flight of the VFW-614 D-BABA.
1978: After receiving orders from United Airlines, Boeing begins full-scale development of the Boeing 767.
2009: Air Cargo Germany receives its operating certificate.

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