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On This Day: July 1

Aviation events for July 1

1872: Louis Blériot, the pioneer aviator who made the world’s first airplane flight across the English Channel, is born in Cambrai, France. After experimenting first with gliders, he designed and built his own monoplane with a 25-hp engine, which took him across the channel.
1917: A School of Aeronautics is established at the University of Toronto in Canada.
1925: The U.S. Air Mail Service begins overnight flights between New York and Chicago over the Allegheny Mountains.
1926: The Royal Swedish Air Force is formed.
1931: The first mail delivered by rocket in the United States is claimed by three Struthers, Ohio high school students led by philatelist, John Kiktavi. He sends mail from Struthers to Poland, Ohio.
1954: The responsibility for air traffic control over West Germany is transferred from the Allies to German authorities.
1960: British United Airways is formed.
1960: PVO Strany MiG-19 shoots down an RB-47H Stratojet (s/n 53-4281) in international airspace with 4 of the crew killed and 2 captured by the Soviets.
1961: The RAF deploys Hawker Hunter combat aircraft to reinforce Kuwait, which is under threat from Iraq. Simultaneously it deploys Canberras and Valiant aircraft to Malta.
1963: Air Force authorizes the construction of an additional 25 SR-71s.
1966: The Fairchild FH-227 enters service with Mohawk Airlines.
1970: Melbourne opens its new international airport.
1992: Reno Air commences flight operations, from RNO to SEA.
2002: First flight of the Pilatus PC-21.

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