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On This Day: June 14

Aviation events for June 14

1919: The first direct non-stop crossing of the Atlantic by airplane is made by a British two-man team. Capt. John Alcock and Lt. Arthur Whitten-Brown fly a Vickers Vimy bomber from St. Johns, Newfoundland to Clifden, Ireland. They fly some 1,950 miles in 16 hours, 27 minutes.
1923: The New Zealand Permanent Air Force is established.
1929: In efforts to encourage passenger traffic for their expanding international air routes, British Imperial Airways makes the first 30-minute “tea” flight over London, costing £2 2s, reduced in 1931 to £1 10s.
1967: Air Mauritius is founded.
1967: Mariner 5 - USA Venus Flyby (June 14 to November) launched. Mariner 5 arrived at Venus on October 19, 1967, one day after Venera 4. It passed within 3,900 kilometers of the planet's surface. It studied the Venusian magnetic field and found that its atmosphere was composed of 85-99% carbon dioxide. It is now in a solar orbit.
1982: Argentine forces on the Falkland Islands surrender to British forces. During the war, the British had destroyed 109 Argentinian planes, compared to only 34 lost by the British.
2007: Brigadier General (Ret) Robin Olds passes away at Steamboat Springs. A fighter pilot in three wars, that last flying combat commander. Architect of Operation Bolo.

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