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On This Day: May 24

Aviation events for May 24

1939: The English Imperial Airways Short Seaplane Cabot is successfully refueled in mid-air by a Handley Page bomber modified to carry 891 gallons of aviation fuel.
1958: Martin’s Air Charter (known today as Martinair) is founded at Amsterdam’s Sciphol Airport.
1963: First loss of a Blackbird. A-12 (926) was lost due to instrument failure. Pilot Ken Collinsejected and was unharmed. The crash occurred 14 miles south of Wendover, Utah. The wreckage was recovered in two days. Local residents signed secrecy agreements and the press was told that an F-105 had crashed.
1972: NASAs first flight of SR-71 (951) renumbered 6006937 and designated as a YF-12C.
1976: Two Concorde supersonic airliners – one in British Airways colors, the other in those of Air France – land at Washington’s Dulles International Airport. They are the first Concordes to visit the USA.
1982: British Airways retires the Boeing 707; its last scheduled flight is from Cairo to Heathrow.
1988: British Airways takes over British Caledonian.

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