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On This Day: April 30

Aviation events for April 30

1904: The St. Louis exposition opens. Octave Chanute exhibits a replica of his biplane glider of 1896, which he launches by using an electric winch.
1917: Pacific Aero Products Company changes its name to Boeing Airplane Company, with William E. Boeing as its president.
1919: The Air Navigation Directions, laying down rules for aircraft registration and pilot licensing, are published in London.
1928: British pilot Lady Mary Bailey lands to complete a flight from England to Cape Town, South Africa. She took off on March 9th.
1932: An international code of air traffic communication is formally established, following the decision to do so at a 1927 conference in Washington,DC. The new code is based on a series of three-letter code starting with the letter “Q” …
1958: First flight of the Blackburn Buccaneer XK 486.
1962: OXCART’s first “official” flight, A-12 (924). Witnessed by a number of CIA and AirForce representatives. Pilot Lou Schalk. 340 knots, 30,000 feet, 59 minutes. This flight was just under oneyear later than originally planned. Bill Parks joins the pilot program. (Q)
1966: Surveyor 1 - USA Lunar Soft Lander launched. Surveyor 1 was the first American soft landing on the lunar surface.
1969: The first woman airline pilot in the West, Turi Widerose of Norway, makes her first scheduled flight as a first officer for Scandinavian Airlines.
1969: Aviogenex commences operations.
1981: Peoplexpress Airlines commenced operations.
1982: The United Kingdom declares an air blockade of the Falkland Islands.
2013: A National Air Cargo B747-400F crashes at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Seven aboard are killed in the crash that is caught on video.

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