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On This Day: March 6

Aviation events for March 6

1935: U.S secretary of commerce signs a special air traffic regulation that prohibits air flights over parts of Washington, D.C.
1951: the Martin aircraft company gains production rights to the English Electric Canberra as the B-57.
1965: The first nonstop transcontinental helicopter flight across the United States — flown off the deck of the carrier USS Hornet at San Diego, California to the deck of the carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt off Jacksonville, Florida — is completed successfully. A U. S. Navy Sikorsky SH-3A Sea King flies 2,116 miles.
1966: A BOAC Flight 911, a 707-436 en route from Tokyo to Hong Kong, encountered clear air turbulence close to Mount Fuji; the sudden violent gusting caused the vertical stabilizer to detach from the aircraft, following which the aircraft entered an uncontrolled dive. The 707 progressively broke up as a result of aerodynamic over-stressing of the airframe, then struck the ground near the foot of the mountain. All those on board died.
1970: BEA opens its charter service, BEA Airtours.
1974: Mars 7 failed to go into orbit about Mars and the lander missed the planet. Carrier and lander are now in a solar orbit.
1986: Japan Air Lines embarks the world’s heaviest man, an 880-lb Austrian flying from Frankfurt, Germany, as a passenger; 16 seats are removed from the cabin to make room for him.
1986: USSR's Vega 1 flies by Halley's Comet at 8,889 km.
1990: What was to be the final flight of an SR-71 (972) set 4 international speed records whilebeing delivered to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum at Dulles International Airport. LosAngeles to Washington DC, 2,404 miles, 67 minutes 54 seconds, 2404 miles at an average speed of 2124MPH. Over Kansas City to Washington DC in 26 minutes. Over St. Louis to Cincinnati in 8 minutes, 32seconds, a new city to city aviation record. It was also the first time that a sonic boom had transversed theentire length of the United States. Pilot Ed Yeilding and RSO T. “JT” Vida. SR-71s were retired fromservice. The SR-71 was the only operational military aircraft never to be shot down or lose a singlecrewman to enemy fire. (Q)
2003: Hooters Air begins service, operated by Pace Airlines. The business would last less than three years.
2003: Air Algerie Flight 6239 crashes on takeoff from Tamanrasset, Algeria, killing all but one of the 103 on-board. The Boeing 737-200 (7T-VEZ) suffers a contained engine failure on rotation and is unable to maintain altitude, coming back to Earth a few thousand feet beyond the runway….
2007: ANA announces orders for 4 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

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