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On This Day: March 31

Aviation events for March 31

1912: The world’s first hydroplane competitions, held in Monaco, over the past week, has been a runaway success for Farman biplanes. Belgian Jules Fisher is the overall winner. He is one of only two non-French pilots of the eight starters and flies a Henry Farman machine.
1959: BOAC commences its first scheduled round-the-world westbound service from London (UK) via New York City, San Francisco, Honolulu to Tokyo (Japan) and onward to London (UK).
1966: Luna 10, USSR Lunar Orbiter launched. Probe is currently in a lunar orbit.
1971: First flight of the Kaman SH-2D Sea Sprite.
1974: British Overseas Airways Corporation ceases operations when it merged with British European Airways to form British Airways.
1974: British Airways formed.
1975: A specially modified Royal Canadian Air Force de Havilland CC-115 (DMC-5 Buffalo) makes its first flight carrying an inflatable air-cushion landing system beneath the fuselage.
1978: USSR launches Kosmos 1000 navigational satellite.
1979: The British government announces development and production costs for the Concorde supersonic airliner since November 29, 1962, when agreement was reached with France to design and built the aircraft. Through December 31, 1978, the French government spent a total of £920 million whereas the British spent £898 million. The total cost of £1.818 billion would increase by a further £163 million, before government funding ceased.
1979: DET 4 at Mildenhall Royal Air Base in England formed. 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. Operational missions flown from DET 4 were called "GIANT REACH."
1996: Space Shuttle STS-76 (Atlantis 16), lands.
2002: Swissair ceases operations.
2002: Swiss International Air Lines begins operations, taking over many routes from bankrupt Swissair.
2008: Aloha Airlines ceases operations.
2017: First Flight Boeing 787-10 from Charleston.
2017: First Flight of the A319Neo
2017: First Flight of the Antonov An-132D.

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