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On This Day: March 30

Aviation events for March 30

1928: The Federal Aeronautique Internationale (FAI)–ratified world speed record is pushed through 300 mph for the first time. Flying a specially adapted Macchi M-52bis seaplane, Italian Maj. Mario de Bernardi achieves a speed of 512.69 km/h (318.64 mph). This is an increase of 20.81 mph over his previous record.
1928: A resident of Zehden, Germany, Samuel Schwartz, asks German airline Deutsche Luft Hansa (DLH) for rent for the airspace above his house, citing law that says his rights extend to the “space above and the ground beneath” his property.
1929: Imperial Airways inaugurates a weekly passenger service from England to India, part of which would have to be taken by rail. For £130 single fare, the trip ends in Karachi seven days after leaving England.
1937: The CAC Wirraway, the Australian version of the North American NA-16, makes its maiden flight.
1939: Piloted by Flugkapitän Hans Dieterle, the Heinkel He 100 V8/R (serial no. D-IDGH) seizes the absolute world air speed record from Hermann Wurster, who has flown his Bf 109 to 379 mph. The pilot achieves four legs of a course at Oranienburg to record an average speed of 463.92 mph, adding 70 mph to the previous record.
1961: NASA civilian pilot Joseph A Walker takes X-15 169,600' (51,690 m).
1963: An Itavia Douglas DC-3 (I-TAVI) crashes into a mountain in Sora, Italy while trying to navigate through poor weather. Low ceilings force the aircraft to descend to maintain visual contact, which then becomes lost. All 11 occupants on the aircraft are killed.
1964: Former Astronaut John Glenn bows out of the Ohio senate race after a concussion received while hitting his head in the bathtub leaves him unable to campaign.
1967: Delta Airlines Flight 9877, a training flight for pilots on a Douglas DC-8-51 N802E, crashes in New Orleans, Louisiana after simulating a dual engine failure landing. The aircraft strikes power lines half a mile from the airport and crashes into a residential area. In addition to the 6 on the aircraft, 13 are killed on the ground. The fatalities include 8 girls who burned to death after their motel became engulfed with flames from jet fuel after they huddled in the shower and turned the water on to try to protect themselves.
1982: 3rd space shuttle mission-Columbia 3 lands at White Sands, NM.
1992: An Aeroflot Antonov An-26 (CCCP-26154) crashes in Swarupnagar, India due to fuel exhaustion. Making their way to their destination of Calcutta, the pilots advise ATC of their minimum fuel situation, which controllers do not offer proper guidance nor assistance for. The aircraft strays away from its flight path, becomes lost and is forced to land nearly 30 miles from their destination. There are only 7 crew on the aircraft, and all are able to survive, though the aircraft is written off.
1992: An Aviaco Douglas DC-9-32 (EC-BYH) crashes on landing at Granada Airport in Spain. With an 11-knot tailwind, the aircraft lands hard, bouncing back into the air and landing almost 1,200ft further down the runway. All of the tires burst and the fuselage breaks into two pieces. There are no fatalities among the 99 aboard.
2000: An Avialinii ARR Antonov An-26 (UR-79170) chartered by the Sri Lankan Air Force carrying soldiers injured during fighting with Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels crashes in Sir Lanka. Reports indicate the aircraft may have reported engine troubles shortly before the crash. All 40 on the aircraft are killed.
2007: Sudan Airways Flight 111, an Airbus A300 flying from Tripoli, Libya to Khartoum, Sudan, is hijacked by a man demanding to go to South Africa. He enters the cockpit an hour and a half into the flight while holding a knife and is convinced to allow the plane to land in Khartoum anyway for fuel. After several hours of negotiations, he surrenders, and all 284 on the aircraft leave safely.
2008: Ten days after filing for bankruptcy protection, Aloha Airlines announces that the next day will be their final day of operations.
2008: Thomas Cook Airlines (Kestrel) is founded at Manchester Airport, UK.

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