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On This Day: March 16

Aviation events for March 16

1905: S. H. Maloney, a professional balloon-parachute jumper, makes a first successful glide to earth in a tandem-wing glider built by John J. Montgomery (1858-1911), a professor at Santa Clara College in California.
1907: Built for Leon Delagrange and pilot Charles Voisin, the Voisin-Delagrandge biplane makes its first flight from Bagatelle, France, achieving a height of 13ft. and a distance of 260ft.
1911: The first certificate of airworthiness awarded to an airplane in Britain is signed by Mervyn O’Gorman, superintendent of the Balloon Factory at Farnborough, covering the Farman III Type Militaire purchased by the British Army during the second half of 1910.
1926: Robert Goddard launches 1st liquid fuel rocket, goes 184' (56 meters).
1947: Saudi Arabian Airlines begins regular international services.
1960: KLM opens its first intercontinental jet service, by Douglas DC-8 from Amsterdam to New York.
1962: 1st launching of Titan 2-rocket.
1966: Gemini 8 launched with Armstrong and Scott, aborted after 6.5 orbits.
1967: Southwest Airlines is founded.
1975: Mariner 10 flew past Mercury.
1983: A Boeing 767 lands after a nonstop flight of 5,499 miles from Lisbon, Portugal to set a distance record for a twin-jet airliner in commercial service.
2005: A Regional Airlines Antonov An-24 aircraft carrying oil workers to Varandey, Russia crashed five kilometers from the runway. A mixture of bad weather and pilot error caused the crash. Twenty-six of the 45 passengers died as well as two of the seven crew members.

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