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On This Day: February 6

Aviation events for February 6

1916: The airline Deutsche Luft Reederei flies its first service, which is freight only, between Berlin and Weimar.
1933: Pioneer Jim Mollison flies a de Havilland Puss Moth from the United Kingdom to Brazil, vwith a stop in Senegal, across the South Atlantic. He becomes the first person to fly solo across the North and South Atlantics.
1946: A TWA Lockheed Constellation lands at Orly airport, Paris, from LaGuardia, New York, to complete the airline’s first scheduled international flight.
1956: William Judd lands his Cessna 180 in Paris after a solo flight of 25 hours 15 minutes across the North Atlantic from the US.
1958: British European Airways Flight 609 crashes on its third attempt to takeoff at Munich-Riem Airport in West Germany. The Airspeed AS-57 Ambassador (G-ALZU) was attempting to become airborne on a slush-covered runway, when it tore through a fence and hit a nearby house. There are 21 survivors among the 44 people on the aircraft.
1959: The first successful test firing of the Titan ICBM takes place.
1964: United Airlines puts the Boeing 727 into service, 5 days after delivery.
1978: Senator Howard Cannon of Nevada introduces the airline Deregulation Act, which would be passed the next October.
1982: Freddie Laker's Laker Airways flies for the last time.
1996: Birgenair Flight 301, a Boeing 757-225 (TC-GEN) crashes into the Caribbean Sea, killing all 189 aboard. The crash is due to one of the aircraft’s 3 pitot tubes having been blocked, giving the aircraft erroneous airspeeds. Blame has been placed on the pilots because they proceeded to takeoff even after realizing the airspeed issues on departure.
2009: FedEx closes its first hub for the first time in history when their Asian-Pacific center at Subic Bay International Airports ceases operations, which were then transferred to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in southern China.

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