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On This Day: January 18

Aviation events for January 18

1909: The first book to treat the work and accomplishments of the Wright brothers, Les Premiers Hommes-Oiseaux: Wilbur et Orville Wright, is written by Fran├žois Peyrey (1873-1934) and published in France.
1911: Eugene B. Ely makes the first landing by an aircraft on a ship when he flies his Curtiss pusher biplane from Selfridge Field near San Francisco to a specially prepared wooden deck on the stern of the armored cruiser USS Pennsylvania.
1957: Three Boeing B-52 Stratofortress jets make the world's first round- the-world, non-stop flight by turbojet-powered aircraft. The flight is completed in 45 hours 19 minutes, with an average speed of 534 mph (859 km/h).
1978: Thiokol conducts 2nd test firing of space shuttle's SRB.
1981: Bell Helicopter delivers its 25,000th production helicopter.
1986: 24th Space Shuttle (61-C) Mission-Columbia 7-returns to Earth.
1989: Astronomers discover pulsar in remnants of Supernova 1987A (LMC).
1991: Eastern Airlines Ceases operations.
1992: The United States armed forces retire the last F-4 Phantom II from front-line service.
2000: STARDUST, Deep Space Maneuver 1A (DSM-1), Successful.
2005: The world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, gets unveiled in an elaborate ceremony in France.

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