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Posted by Zak 24 Jun 15, 12:39

Lufthansa Group Introduces Baggage Fee

Lufthansa Group announced 3 new economy tariffs, one of which does not include free checked baggage anymore. The tariffs will apply to all Lufthansa Group airlines, Swiss will be the first one to implement them.


Posted by Zak 15 Jun 15, 17:19

2015 Paris Air Show - Order Overview

Orders as announced at the 2015 Paris Air Show.
Last updated: Thu 18 Jun 2016, 16:30 UTC

Are there any orders missing?
Please post them in our forum thread.


Posted by Zak 05 Jun 15, 19:59

Lufthansa's New Fee Angers Distribution Partners

Deutsche Lufthansa keeps looking for ways to increase its profitability. As the only chance to further increase the passenger capacity of their aircraft would be to introduce standing room, the German flag carrier is now looking for ways to raise new fees - and may have hit the wrong target.

Frankfurt - Lufthansa is introducing a new ticket distribution strategy that is supposed to make more passengers book their flights directly on the airline's own website, instead of via travel agencies and booking websites.

For this purpose, Lufthansa will introduce a new booking fee of EUR 16 per ticket, that will apply only to Global Distribution Systems (GDS) such as Amadeus or Sabre. It will thus affect the price of any ticket booked through a third-party website or a travel agency that is not a direct Lufthansa agent.


Posted by Zak 09 May 15, 14:41

Airbus A400M Crashes Near Seville

Seville - An Airbus A400M crashed during a test flight near Seville, Spain. According to Spain's prime minister Rajoy, there were 8 to 10 people on board.


Posted by Zak 02 May 15, 09:04

Thomas Cook: Terror Dilemma in Turkey

*** exclusive story ***

Thomas Cook is currently facing a difficult situation in Antalya. Turkish authorities demand from the airline to immediately return 4 British citizens back to Britain, but the airline cannot comply because of security concerns.


Posted by Zak 12 Apr 15, 12:27

Hackers Target Airline & Aviation Websites

Hamburg - An unidentified group of hackers is currently attacking airline and aviation-themed websites. Apparently, the hackers are trying to get access to frequent flyer accounts by so called brute-force attacks, which means that random passwords are being used in the attempt to log in to a user account.

Posted by Zak 30 Mar 15, 18:46

Two Bomb Threats Against Turkish Airlines

Two Turkish Airlines long-haul flights had to be diverted within 48 hours, after written bomb threats had been found in the aircrafts' lavatories after takeoff. A flight from Istanbul to Tokyo returned to Istanbul, another flight to Sao Paulo diverted to Casablanca.


Posted by Zak 30 Mar 15, 17:03

Accidental Foam Cannon Salute For Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic had to cancel the return flight for their inaugural Atlanta (USA) - Manchester (UK) service, when the planned water cannon salute upon arrival at Manchester went spectacularly wrong.


Posted by Zak 30 Mar 15, 16:34

Finnair Violent Passenger Incident

A female passenger attacked cabin crew during a Finnair flight from Shanghai (China) to Helsinki (Finland) today. Crew and passengers were able to subdue the violent passenger with a lot of effort, the flight was continued to its destination.


Posted by Zak 26 Mar 15, 11:55

4U9525 Crash Deliberately Caused By First Officer

Marseille / Dusseldorf - French and German authorities confirmed earlier rumours that the crash of Germanwings flight 4U9525 was deliberately caused by one of the pilots.