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NAS Daily 13 JUN 19

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CFM working fix for LEAP-1B engine bearing issue
CFM International is redesigning the bearing in the radial drive shaft of the LEAP-1B that powers the Boeing 737 MAX after five incidents in which an engine was shut down in-flight because an oil filter bypass warning light indicated in the cockpit. The action comes as EASA issues an airworthiness directive (AD) mandating recurring inspections of the transfer gearbox modules (TGB) 1 and TGB2 scavenge screens that indicate whether any metallic particles are in the oil system.

Lessor SMBC posts record profit, maintains high-tech focus
Irish lessor SMBC Aviation Capital reported a record pre-tax profit of $344 million for the financial year, up nearly 8% from $319.4 million in the previous year.
For the year ended March 31, SMBC generated $1.1 billion in revenue, placing 47 aircraft from its order book, agreeing to sales and leasebacks of 40 aircraft, and selling an additional 30.

MRJ90 paving the way for new ‘Concept’
Mitsubishi Aircraft may be too busy in its MRJ90 regional jet certification campaign to bring one to the Paris air show, but the airframer could be poised to unveil details about a redesign of its smaller MRJ70, nicknamed "The Concept".
Ahead of the biennial event at Le Bourget, Mitsubishi Aircraft chief development officer Alex Bellamy says: "I think it's going to be our best air show."

GE Aviation addresses GE9X issue after lengthy flight test phase
GE Aviation still anticipates completing GE9X certification testing this year after a lengthier-than-planned round of flight tests and recently discovered "anomaly" in an engine's high-pressure compressor.
GE Aviation completed a second round of certification flight testing for the 777X's engine in May, during which it completed 53 test flights and logged more than 300 flight hours.


British Airways pilots reject pay offer, consider strike
British Airways (BA) pilots are considering a strike action after voting to reject the latest pay package offered by the airline. “Ninety-six percent voted against the proposal and asked that we proceed to an official ballot for industrial action,” British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) general secretary Brian Strutton said June 12. “We are urgently considering next steps and will make a further statement later this week.

American: Crew planning prompted MAX schedule extension
American Airlines’ recent removal of the Boeing 737 MAX from its schedules until early September was made to ease the carrier’s pilot and cabin-crew bidding process, rather than because of signs of continued delay in getting the grounded fleet cleared to fly, CEO Doug Parker said.
“We’ve now moved the date to which we’re selling seats back to Sept. 3,” Parker said at the airline’s annual shareholder meeting June 12.

Asian airlines in talks on widebody orders
Korean Air is one of several Asian airlines holding discussions with manufacturers that could result in new widebody aircraft deals. The South Korean flag carrier Korean Air has long signaled that it will need more widebodies to begin replacing its Boeing 777s, and recent comments from the airline indicate negotiations are underway. Reuters reports that the carrier may be close to reaching a deal for 777Xs.

Virgin Atlantic exec to lead Flybe relaunch
Virgin Atlantic executive Mark Anderson will lead the overhaul of Flybe after being appointed CEO of Connect Airways, the consortium that took over the UK regional airline.
Connect Airways, a consortium of Virgin Atlantic, UK-based airline operator Stobart Group and funds managed by U.S.-based Cyrus Capital Partners, acquired Flybe in February after the carrier was hit by high fuel costs, currency fluctuations and uncertainty over Brexit, the UK’s protracted effort to withdraw from the European Union.

Ethiopian Airlines to start New York JFK service in June
Ethiopian Airlines plans to launch 3X-weekly Addis Ababa-New York JFK services via Abidjan, Ivory Coast, beginning June 17.
With the addition of the new JFK services to the airline’s 4X-weekly services to New York Newark via Lome, Togo, Ethiopian will operate daily to New York.

JetBlue revises 2Q guidance on strong revenue trends
JetBlue Airways increased the bottom end of its projected second-quarter (2Q) unit revenue guidance, aligning with both the carrier’s short-term outlook of an increasing revenue environment and bigger-picture trends that show strong demand and pricing.
The New York-based carrier now sees a year-over-year RASM increase of 2%-4% in the quarter, up from the 1%-4% range forecast in April as part of its 1Q earnings release.

Hong Kong Airlines to transfer rights for two A350s to Hainan
Hong Kong Airlines (HKA) will transfer purchase rights of two Airbus A350-900s to sister company Hainan Airlines for free, as the latter moves to ramp up capacity and growth.
Hainan says in a Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosure that the two aircraft in concern, which HKA has on order with Airbus, have serial numbers 360365 and 360371.


Philippines to accelerate plans to ease congestion at Ninoy Aquino Airport
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered his cabinet to implement plans to transfer general aviation and some domestic flights from Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to Sangley Point air base in an effort to ease congestion at the airport.
Following a surprise visit to NAIA June 10, Duterte vowed to find a solution for the overstressed airport within a month.


USAF forced to move Boeing KC-46A funds to sustain older KC-135s
The US Air Force (USAF) plans to move $57 million in FY2020 funds from the Boeing KC-46A Pegasus in-flight refuelling tanker programme to support the cost of flying and maintaining its fleet of older KC-135 Stratotankers longer than it expected.
Air Mobility Command is planning to operate some legacy KC-135 tankers longer than planned because of delivery delays and deficiencies with the Boeing KC-46, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Keeping AWACS at the heart of NATO
In what is a remarkable 12 months for aerospace-sector anniversaries – ranging from half-centuries since the first flights of the Boeing 747 and Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde, man’s inaugural steps on the moon and the formation of both Airbus and Embraer, to Flight’s own 110th year – one of the most influential events could be overlooked all too easily. But in the context of advancing global security, few steps can rival the significance of NATO’s establishment in April 1949 via the North Atlantic Treaty.

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- George Bernard Shaw

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DC-10 Trivia

1. The DC-10 made its first commercial flight in August, 1971. Which major air carrier had the distinction of making this first flight?
A. Air Canada
B. Pan American Airways
C. American Airlines
D. United Airlines

2. In a single-class configuration, what was the maximum number of passengers that a DC-10 could carry?
A. 420
B. 340
C. 380
D. 300

3. The DC-10-30AF, an all-freighter version of the airliner, was used most prolifically with FedEx, with orders starting in the mid-1980s. But for which airline was this variant originally designed?
A. Alitalia
B. Japan Airlines
C. Delta
D. British Airways

4. DC-10s have been involved in a number of accidents and incidents over the years. One notable disaster occurred in March, 1974, when a Turkish Airlines DC-10 crashed near what major city?
A. Berlin
B. Athens
C. Paris
D. Madrid

5. Another notable DC-10 accident occurred in July, 1989, when United Airlines Flight 232 crashed in which midwestern U.S. city?
A. Sioux City, Iowa
B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
C. Omaha, Nebraska
D. Sioux City, South Dakota

6. The July, 2000, crash of Air France Flight 4590, the only crash of the legendary Concorde, was caused by a piece of titanium that fell off a DC-10 that had lifted off several minutes before the Concorde took off. Which airline owned the DC-10 from which the fatal piece of metal fell?
B. Lufthansa
C. Continental
D. Northwest

7. The KC-10 Extender, the aerial refueling tanker based on the DC-10, was developed to increase the US Air Force's strategic reach across the globe. In what year did the KC-10 enter operational service?
A. 1980
B. 1982
C. 1983
D. 1981

8. In 1994, ORBIS International began flying a DC-10 aircraft that had been converted for use as what?
A. A private VIP transport
B. A flying eye hospital
C. A flying dental clinic
D. A space-launch platform

9. The company 10 Tanker Air Carrier, LLC, modified a DC-10 to fight forest fires in rural areas. The aircraft could drop how much water or retardant on a fire in a single pass?
A. 18,000 U.S. gallons (68,137 liters)
B. 15,000 U.S. gallons (56,781 liters)
C. 12,000 U.S. gallons (45,425 liters)
D. 21,000 U.S. gallons (74,494 liters)

10. The last DC-10 in service with a major American passenger carrier was retired in January, 2007. That airline, Northwest Airlines, used the aircraft to fly from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, to which destination?
A. Mexico City
B. London
C. Honolulu
D. Tokyo
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