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Reusable Space Craft

Everything that is sub-orbital or beyond.

Chuck2126 05 Dec 18, 20:25Post
I have thought about this for years. I have no formal education just a love for space. So here it goes, if we can build aircraft like the SR-71 and the U2, that can reach the uper reaches of the atmosphere. Why cant we build a reusable craft capable of reaching the upper reaches of the atmosphere under conventual power with detachable srbs to reach orbit. Then return to earth like the shuttle?

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miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 06 Dec 18, 12:21Post
In a nutshell: Gravity. To escape gravity you need speed. To reach the speed, you need lots of fuel. Fuel takes up a lot of space and weight.
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Chuck2126 06 Dec 18, 14:05Post
Thats why you use srbs. They don't require a tank or gallons and gallons of fuel.everything is inside the booster that can be jettisoned. So I still don't understand why this could not be possible!
vikkyvik 06 Dec 18, 15:03Post
So you mean you would carry the SRBs up to high altitude, then light them and go into space?

That would require a HUGE amount of fuel to get that massive weight up to high altitude.
Chuck2126 07 Dec 18, 00:42Post
I might be wrong but ram jet engines require less fuel than a turbine engine. Yes I know there would be limitations and problems. But it could work if jet technology improves. Keep in mind at a higher altitude you wouldn't need srbs as large as the shuttle. You wouldn't need as much energy to leave the atmosphere, because your not launching from the ground. The srbs could be considerably smaller

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