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NAS Daily 11 JUL 18

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CSeries renamed as Airbus A220
Airbus has formally redesignated the Bombardier CSeries as the A220, complementing its larger A320 single-aisle range. A former CS300 – now known as the A220-300 – has touched down in Toulouse, painted in its new Airbus colour scheme.

JetBlue orders 60 A220-300s to replace E190s
JetBlue Airways, providing an early boost to the newly rebranded Airbus A220 line and delivering a notable blow to Embraer, has placed an order for 60 A220-300s—previously known as Bombardier CS300s—and earmarked them as E190 replacements. Delivers are planned to start in 2020. The deal, the first announced under the new Airbus-Bombardier partnership that took over the CSeries, includes options for 60 more aircraft, which would begin arriving in 2025. JetBlue also has options to swap smaller A220-100s (previously CS100s) for the larger -300 models.

Boeing secures '797' trademark
Boeing has quietly registered the name ‘797’ as a trademark, European intellectual property documents show. The US airframer’s application, from its Seal Beach facility, gives little context for the registration beyond identifying that it would cover a range of items including aircraft and aeronautical equipment.

First two 777X aircraft enter assembly line at Everett
Boeing has released images of the first two Boeing 777X test aircraft on the final assembly line at its Everett plant in Washington. The larger 777-9 is the lead variant in the General Electric GE9X-powered family, with the first flight due next year and deliveries to launch customer Emirates beginning in 2020. The smaller, ultra-long-range 777-8 will follow.

Irkut production 'unaffected' after plant suffers fire
Russian airframer Irkut is reassuring that its production operations are unaffected by a fire which broke out at its aircraft plant on 9 July. The company, which assembles the MC-21 twinjet, says the fire occurred in an electrochemical facility for treating titanium components, separate from its other production facilities.

Jazz operated damaged aircraft after 2017 hard landing
The hard landing of a Jazz Aviation Bombardier Q400 in 2017 substantially damaged the aircraft and generated enough load to trigger a switch designed to activate only after a crash, according to a report from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

Airbus and United talk A321LR and A330neo specifics
Airbus has sent United Airlines tailored specifications for the A321LR and A330neo, as the US carrier continues its evaluation of possible Boeing 757 and 767 replacements. The customised specifications show possible seat counts and operator's empty weight for the A321LR, A330-800 and A330-900 based on United's requirements, the documents reviewed by FlightGlobal show. They were prepared in March and April for the airline.

USA unlikely to permit airframers to support Iran-owned aircraft
A top US official has made clear that the US government is unlikely to issue any licenses that would allow companies like Airbus and ATR to continue supporting aircraft in service with Iranian airlines. The official likewise says the US government is unlikely to approve a new request by ATR to sell more turboprops to Iranian carriers.

US warns of sanctions on companies that support Iranian airline
In a move described as an escalation of US efforts to combat companies that support terrorist activities, the US government has slapped sanctions on a Malaysian company that provides flight services to Iranian airline Mahan Air. That company, Mahan Travel and Tourism, has for years provided ticketing and reservations services to Mahan Air, which the US government says carries personnel and supplies for groups like Hezbollah and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force.

Southwest reports 2Q ASM growth falls short of guidance
Southwest Airlines grew available seat miles (ASMs) 3.3% in the second quarter, with a weak June cementing results that came in below its early-June projection of 3.5%—the latest sign that the carrier’s 2018 growth will be on the lower end of its guidance.

Icelandair cuts 2018 guidance on slow yield growth, high fuel costs
Icelandair Group has lowered its EBITDA guidance for the 2018 financial year by $50 million, because of slower-than-expected yield growth and higher fuel costs.

Shenzhen Airways 737-800 involved in runway excursion; no injuries
A Chinese Shenzhen Airlines Boeing 737-800 veered off the runway after landing at Hohhot Baita International Airport on July 7. According to Chinese aviation websites and, the 737, operating as flight ZH9127, was en route from Wuhan to the Inner Mongolian city of Hohhot.

Vintage Convair CV-340 crashes on takeoff in South Africa; 19 injured
One crew member was killed and about 19 people injured when a twin-engine Convair CV-340 airliner crashed July 10 outside of Wonderboom Airport, near Pretoria, South Africa, according to media reports. During takeoff from the airport, the aircraft was seen trailing smoke from its left engine, and eyewitnesses reported observing flames, the Flight Safety Foundation's Aviation Safety Network reported, basing its information on local reports. The aircraft, operating a test flight, went down about 6 km east of the airport, struck a shed and broke apart.

London flypast marks RAF's centenary
Three of the UK's new Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightnings were among around 100 aircraft which took part in a flypast over central London on 10 July as part of the Royal Air Force's ongoing centenary celebrations.

Centurion update nears service with RAF Typhoons
A vital program to transfer ground-attack capabilities from the UK Royal Air Force's retiring Panavia Tornado GR4s to the Eurofighter Typhoon remains on target to deliver by year-end, according to BAE Systems.

USAF starts work on defining adaptive engine for future fighter
US Air Force officials have taken the first concrete step towards defining a new class of adaptive jet engines to power the next generation of combat aircraft that come after the Lockheed Martin F-35.

BAE Systems starts moving Compass Call EW system to Gulfstream G550
BAE Systems said it started work transitioning its Compass Call electronic warfare system from the Lockheed EC-130H to a modified Gulfstream G550, an EC-37B aircraft. Gulfstream Aerospace is in the process of removing unneeded commercial components from a G550 aircraft in Savannah, Georgia. BAE anticipates the first two aircraft being fielded in 2023.

Aviation Quote

‘You’re on your own’ was all he said that day long years ago
So long his name and face are lost in memory’s afterglow;
Nor do I recollect of pride or joy or doubt or fright
Or other circumstance which marked that time for solo flight
The cryptic words alone endure : he said ‘you’re on your own’
And down through time I’ve found it so — the test’s to walk alone
Not that one choose to draw aside in churlish mein or vein,
From common lot of what life holds of pleasure, toil or pain
But that the call’s to rise and cruise alone with dreams unshared
Or plan alone for some far goal, for which none else has cared
Or fight alone for what you hold is worth a warrior’s strife
And ask no gain or fame or aught beyond the joy of life.
I owe a quenchless debt to him who bade me seize my fate
And hang it on the faith that I to it was adequate
For when he said ‘you’re on your own’ and sauntered on away
I knew that here, in four short words, was youth’s first judgment day
Not wit to learn, not test of skill, not pride to satisfy,
But will to walk down life in faith that life is theirs who try.

- Gill Robb Wilson, Flying magazine, Janurary 1961.

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C-130 Hercules Trivia

1. In what year was the first C-130 flight?

2. Which version of the C-130 is purpose built for landing on ice?

3. Which of the following nations uses the C-130 as an aerial tanker for its fighters?
New Zealand

4. The standard C-130J has how many propeller blades per engine?

5. A C-130B model has external fuel tanks located where?
Between the engines
At the wing tips
Outboard of the outboard engines
The C-130B has no external fuel tanks

6. Which of the following is a designation of a Royal Canadian Air Force C-130?

7. C-130s have been used in many roles, but which of the following is just a concept?
Float plane
Fire bomber
Drone launch and control
Satellite capsule recovery

8. Which is not a common C-130 nickname?
Herky Bird
Trash Hauler

9. Which aircraft has the most similar capabilities to the transport version of a C-130?
C-160 Transall

10. The C-130 has flown many famous missions. In which of the following did the C-130 play the central role?
Operation El Dorado Canyon
Operation Beer Run
Operation Arc Light
Entebbe hostage rescue
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