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Cyclone Bomb A Surprise?

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DXing 07 Jan 18, 02:04Post
Evidently it was to passengers arriving or departing out of JFK.

Of course I understand their predicament...I mean this storm came out of nowhere with absolutely no warning whatsoever. Who would of thought of rebooking to an earlier or later date of arrival? Or did they all have to be at their destinations...which didn't work out so well.

Never ceases to amaze me.
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CO777ER (Database Editor & Founding Member) 07 Jan 18, 06:06Post
I'm not a dispatcher, but doesn't this fall on PANYNJ and the airlines (for not cancelling flights)? T1 at JFK is closed and if you look at FR24 over the past few days there's probably dozens of flights that have been on the tarmac for 4+ hours waiting for a CBP gate.

QR sent one of their birds to an AA gate just to get their passengers off, ample of diversions (LH A380 at ATL and the other A380 to SFW) and turn around (Aeroflot comes to mind).
GQfluffy (Database Editor & Founding Member) 07 Jan 18, 06:19Post wasn't that much of a surprise; they were forecasting it at least 24 hours in advance if not longer. Sure with some flights, given JFK is a major international destination, there wasn't much the airlines could do. However...for anything within 16 hours flight time...this is as much on them for operating that flight as it is on PANYNJ...
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ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 07 Jan 18, 10:43Post
DXing wrote:Who would of thought of rebooking to an earlier or later date of arrival?

Well, I've tried that before. I was booked to travel on Flybe when it was announced that the airport firefighters would go on strike that day.

I called them up, and after "What strike? They don't let us have internet here... Oh, let me call you back..." it was "Your class of ticket doesn't let you rebook, you'll need to cancel it, get a refund minus the cancellation fee, and buy a new ticket. Or show up on the day and we'll rebook you." A new ticket would have been double the price, mind you.

Eventually I persuaded them (actually, their supervisor's supervisor) to see the sense in having one less irate customer yelling at their gate agent and they did rebook me for nothing, but I can see why people would just give up, or not bother dealing with it in the first place. Especially since the strike was later called off...
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MrGavin 09 Jan 18, 20:41Post
I live here and we were basically told Tuesday of that week we were going to die.

The Points Guy did a very good article on why JFK was such a mess during the storm. ... t-backlog/

In typical New York City fashion, it seems as though A GOOD IDEA is entirely a lost concept. It's almost as if the Port Authority was suddenly managed by the MTA. How...and I mean *HOW* these people get into these positions of managing this shit is beyond me.

On Thursday I was shocked when I logged onto Flight Radar 24 and saw a number of planes headed with JFK and EWR as their destination, particularly the Singapore A380, which was pretty much 40 minutes from its "landing" then turned and went straight into Stewart as quick as it could.

While I do believe it's pretty damn stupid of these carriers to have brought these flights in on a day like last Thursday, the Port Authority is just a complete joke.
MrGavin 11 Jan 18, 02:41Post
Update: so now Ray LaHood is getting involved in the typical "let's have an investigation into what we did wrong." ... o/2925848/

Of course nothing will come of it - because the solution is the easiest .... someone, who is not a moron, has to be in charge and make decisions reflecting those of a smart, sane, reasonable person.
MrGavin 16 Jan 18, 14:44Post
The Post strikes again on this topic. They raise the issue of building communal remote gates, similar to LAX, to help with terminal overcrowding.

Personally, I can't argue against that idea. ... k-airport/

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