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Aeromexico Eyes Delta's CSeries Order

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DAL764 05 Dec 17, 13:18Post ... 12124.html
MONTREAL/MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Aeromexico (AEROMEX.MX) has held preliminary talks to take some Bombardier (BBDb.TO) CSeries jets orders from Delta Air Lines Inc (DAL.N), which owns a stake in the Mexican carrier, to avoid possible U.S. trade duties levied on the planes, two sources familiar with the matter said.

Mexico's largest carrier, 49-percent owned by Delta, is considering taking an unknown number of the 75 CSeries planes ordered by Delta in 2016, one of the sources said. Delta's CSeries deliveries, scheduled to begin in spring 2018, face a possible 300 percent U.S. duty stemming from a trade dispute with Boeing Co (BA.N).


Under the proposed Aeromexico deal, the single-aisle jets would be sold to Aeromexico and fly under the banner of the Mexican carrier which would not have to pay a U.S. duty, one of the sources added.

"It's not a way for Aeromexico to fly for Delta," the same source said. "But it keeps the planes within the Delta family."

Hm, even if it says that AM will fly those planes, can't help but think that Delta is trying to come up with additional ways to get their C-Series without the ridiculous import tariff.
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JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 05 Dec 17, 15:48Post
Sneaky. Perhaps Mexico will become the Ireland of the Americas where airlines wishing to avoid restrictive tariffs and conditions are concerned. Will be interesting to see if Republic suddenly show an interest in a small share of a Latin American airline, which would surely be a cheaper option than paying the tariff on their order.
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cornish (Certified Expert - Aviation Economics & Founding Member) 06 Dec 17, 07:47Post
Would they be liable to pay the tarifff on a used aircraft - say a year old one that they happened to acquire from Aeromexico?? ;)
Zak (netAirspace FAA) 06 Dec 17, 16:05Post
I wonder if the US answer will be to increase that wall's height to 40,000ft? {duck}
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fiatstilojtd 26 Jan 18, 20:17Post
Won't be necessary...Bombardier has won the case: ... us-ruling/
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