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DPS Closed - Threat of Volcanic Eruption

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MrGavin 27 Nov 17, 19:25Post

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audioslave 30 Nov 17, 11:07Post
What's the update here? I've heard bits and bobs.
JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 30 Nov 17, 13:26Post
Re-opened yesterday with SIA the first airline to resume service: ... ay-443719/
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DXing 01 Dec 17, 01:58Post
Darwin VAC still showing Agung as code red. No visible ash on satellite imagery. Vulcanoligists say larger eruption is still possible.
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Banterbury 06 Dec 17, 15:49Post
no kidding? I'm not flying around this area, but would be a huge issue if there's a volcano about to burst :/

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