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Dutch King: Undercover F/O For KLM

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Zak (netAirspace FAA) 19 May 17, 13:51Post
King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands recently revealed that, as a hobby, he is flying as a commercial pilot for KLM.

He started his flying career with the Dutch Royal Air Force. After that, he joined Martinair, and later switched to flying KLM Fokker 70s for 21 years. Currently, he's getting a type rating for the 737, as the F70s are being phased out.
“You have an aircraft, passengers and crew. You have responsibility for them,” the king told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. “You can’t take your problems from the ground into the skies. You can completely disengage and concentrate on something else. That, for me, is the most relaxing part of flying.”

He’s been flying under the radar for years. The king says passengers rarely recognized him. ... line-pilot
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miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 19 May 17, 14:25Post
Good for him, unless he gets hijacked/kidnapped.
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