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RAF Pilot Fired For A330 Voyager Dive

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helvknight (Founding Member) 15 Mar 17, 09:55Post ... d_plummet/

The Register wrote:The Royal Air Force officer who sent his Airbus Voyager into an accidental dive from 33,000 feet, injuring passengers and crew, has been dismissed and given a suspended prison sentence.

Flight Lieutenant Andrew Townshend was captain of an Airbus A330 Voyager which dropped 4,400 feet in about 30 seconds during a flight from the UK to Afghanistan in 2014. Townshend was bored and taking photos with a DSLR on the flight deck while his co-pilot was making a cup of tea in the galley.

The camera became wedged behind the control stick and sent the militarised airliner plummeting after Townshend moved his seat forwards. The fly-by-wire aircraft’s control logic pulled it out of the dive while the two pilots fumbled with the controls, believing that the autopilot had malfunctioned.

The incident cost the RAF around a million pounds, also the co-pilot was seriously injured, suffering a broken back.
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miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 15 Mar 17, 10:40Post
Dumb ass. Serves him right.
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vikkyvik 15 Mar 17, 18:57Post
Wonder if he uploaded any of those photos...
JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 15 Mar 17, 19:42Post
vikkyvik wrote:Wonder if he uploaded any of those photos...

A-net rejected them {boxed}
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Click Click D'oh (Photo Quality Screener & Founding Member) 15 Mar 17, 20:31Post
JLAmber wrote:A-net rejected them {boxed}

Too much motion blur.
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