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Boeing "Replacing Inspectors With Technology"

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ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 13 May 19, 08:16Post
Boeing is pushing ahead on a plan to cut about 900 inspectors, replacing their jobs with technology improvements at its Seattle area factories, despite being under fire for software flaws in the 737 Max and quality issues in its other aircraft. ... 650026002/

It seems Boeing is talking about automating inspection of CFRP panels, which it claims that machines can do a better job of than humans. And the union definitely has an axe to grind here. Definitely not a good time for this news to break, though.
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miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 13 May 19, 10:06Post
Automated NDT is the wave of the future. I can personally tell you automation, when properly configured, will catch defects people miss.
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vikkyvik 13 May 19, 14:58Post
I've always heard that any given inspector will catch somewhere around 85% of defects, on average.

I have no doubt automation can do significantly better.
ShyFlyer (Founding Member) 13 May 19, 15:57Post
Automation is only as good as the people employing it.
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