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Photo Upload Size Question

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TNCB 08 Jan 18, 10:50Post
Hi all,

Just tried to upload a photo and got the message "Uploaded image too small - smallest dimension must be at least 600 pixels" again. This is correct, since the photo in question is 1024x576 in a 16:9 crop.

Just wondering whether the 600px limit for landscape photos is a 'bug' or a conscious decision.



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JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 08 Jan 18, 11:54Post
The minimum size of 600px (maximum of 2048px) was a conscious decision by the admins at the conception of the database. There is a guide to the rules and size limitations here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=13797

I'm not sure if there is any scope for flexibility where uploading a shot very close to the size limits is concerned. Ed?
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TNCB 08 Jan 18, 13:23Post
That's alright, I was just curious. Thanks for the response!
vikkyvik 08 Jan 18, 15:32Post
I've run into this problem when uploading some panorama (stitched) shots. Had to reduce the length of some of them, or divide them into two shots.

I think at the time, Ed said it wasn't feasible to create an exception.
Zak (netAirspace FAA) 06 Apr 18, 10:59Post
Sorry for a very late reply, I must have missed this thread. {blush}

The limitations were indeed set for technical reasons. It is already quite difficult to make sure that each aspect ratio and image size blends into the overall site design without creating problems. We already pushed the limits when allowing 2048 px photos.

Ultra-wide panoramas can be very nice, but they would look awkward on the homepage. We explicitly did not want to force or restrict any aspect ratios, but also have no technical solution to support exceptions to our min/max limits. Thus, 2048x600 px is the widest we can handle for the time being.
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