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graphic 17 Mar 15, 07:24Post
Anybody have a rundown on spotting at KAUS? I'll be there next week thursday through sunday.

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Nosedive 17 Mar 15, 21:43Post
Paging CO777. And lemme ask my buddy.
CO777ER (Database Editor & Founding Member) 17 Mar 15, 21:52Post
I think one of the two runways is closed for construction but I could be wrong. There's a cemetery access road near the northwest corner of the field, also a business park across 183 from the numbers on 17R. Let me see what else I can dig up when I get home.
CO777ER (Database Editor & Founding Member) 17 Mar 15, 21:59Post
Also there's a park on the east side on the middle of 17L/35R. Good in the morning only. There's the catering building near 17L.

In general the 35's are tough.
graphic 17 Mar 15, 22:53Post
Thanks. Will I get run out of those places you've mentioned?
CO777ER (Database Editor & Founding Member) 17 Mar 15, 23:14Post
I always hangout in my car and don't draw too much attention to myself. APD can be really hit or miss. I haven't been personally run out.
CO777ER (Database Editor & Founding Member) 17 Mar 15, 23:15Post
It's one of those situations where there aren't too many local spotters so you may get some odd looks, but then again this is Austin we're talking about.

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