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Where To Spot Around JFK

Information on world-wide spotting locations, links and contacts.

paul mcallister 12 Sep 13, 22:20Post
I will be on holiday in US 15th-22nd September and was hoping to visit JFK and take some photos there.

I`m not after anything in particular,I just like to see what turns up,and get as little hassle from security/police as possible.
I will have a hire car,any suggestions or advice would be most welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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CO777ER (Database Editor & Founding Member) 12 Sep 13, 22:30Post
Check out they have a great guide.
CO777ER (Database Editor & Founding Member) 13 Sep 13, 04:39Post
Now that I'm at a computer, I'll add more:

135 Ave at 132 St (Morning if they're landing on 13L)... it's in a neighborhood so you might want to lay low at this spot.

"Mounds" location: 149th Ave at 230 Pl (Afternoon 22L arrivals)

"DHL Lot" definitely stay in your car at this spot. I wasn't hassled, but then again I was spotting from my car. You can park up against the bushes.
147th st @ Cargo Plaza

JFK is not the most friendly place to spot, but if you use common sense you'll be fine. Just remember it's not illegal to take photos of aircraft in public places. If you have a security officer or cop stop you, be polite and try to make it clear it's a hobby/passion. Most of the cops are just fine, the security at the parking garage is a different story. You can read up on them at
paul mcallister 14 Sep 13, 10:33Post
Thanks for the advice-I had a look at the website you suggested,and it has some good tips.
As you mention it doesn`t sound like the greatest place to try and photograph aircraft and residents might take an unhealthy interest in an expensive camera.I don`t like the idea of trying to take shots in a residential area,but I will see what the best option is.

Thank you for your reply.
CO777ER (Database Editor & Founding Member) 14 Sep 13, 15:10Post
You shouldn't have any issue at the Mounds location. In fact, you'll probably run into a bunch of other photogs.

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