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KSEA Runway Usage

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BR725 24 May 18, 08:31Post
Hi folks,

as we are visiting the northwest of the US in July, I'm planning to go to KSEA for some hours of planespotting. I've watched the arrivals on Flightradar over the last couple of days but I'm still wondering if one is able to predict what planes are coming down on which runway.

Majority of the narrowbodys seems to land on 16R/34L. But it seems to be impossible to find a rule for widebody arrivals. Some of them are landing on 16L/34R even if there is enough capacity on 16R/34L while others are going down on 16R/34L even if this runway already is very busy.

Does anyone know how ATC is distributing the arrivals at KSEA? Or is this totally random?

Thank you!

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CO777ER (Database Editor & Founding Member) 24 May 18, 12:13Post
When was there two summers ago it was exactly as you mentioned. All the widebodies were arriving on the inside runway.
Queso (netAirspace ATC Tower Chief & Founding Member) 24 May 18, 17:43Post
I'll send a PM to Lucas to see if he can help out.
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Lucas (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 26 May 18, 04:19Post
My friend who is at Center there says that he isn't aware of any specific rule other than whatever works best for the controller, or if it's a request. Might be able to ask a tower friend-of-a-friend there.
BR725 29 May 18, 06:37Post
Thank you, guys!

I think, I will concentrate on the outer runway as I'm more interested in the american narrowbodies which you for sure can't see here in Germany. Despite the chinese Dreamliners, widebodies at SEA are not thaaat thrilling.

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