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747 Virgin Landing Simultaneous Window Views

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drakestravels 29 Apr 19, 02:21Post
Not a traditional trip report however had the unique opportunity when traveling with a co-worker, and fellow airliner geek, to video our 747 landing in Orlando. We were both seated in Premium Economy in row 14 (opposite sides 14A & 14K) on the main deck. We both did a landing video and edited together to provide a unique view from both sides of the aircraft simultaneously. Prior to landing and on descent also captured a good view of the Kennedy Space Center including the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), Space shuttle runway, and Shuttle launch pad 39A & 39B. Great weather and sunshine on approach on a completely full flight from London Gatwick on March 29, 2019.

Unfortunately a little sun glare(14A) and a window(14K) that could have been clearer however always enjoy window views especially from a 747 and wanted to capture and share this unique experience.

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miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 29 Apr 19, 14:35Post
Cool video. Thanks for sharing. {thumbsup}
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