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Merry Christmas to all!!!

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halls120 (Plank Owner) 23 Dec 16, 17:38Post

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ANCFlyer (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 24 Dec 16, 03:18Post
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Channuka, Happy Kwanza, Merry whatever . . . . whatever you wish to whomever you wish it too. . . . .

Pep and Mrs. Pep . . .

ANCFlyer and MrsANCFlyer . . .
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ShyFlyer (Founding Member) 24 Dec 16, 03:38Post
Happy merry holidays of a festive type nature!
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Gunships 24 Dec 16, 04:44Post
Mark 24 Dec 16, 04:48Post
This is the best Christmas I've ever had. Dunno why. As one of my customers said, it was a rough year for a lot of folks and they're damned and determined to make sure it ends on a happy note.
atct 24 Dec 16, 22:52Post
Merry Christmas and God Bless everyone.

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Mark 25 Dec 16, 04:33Post
halls120 (Plank Owner) 25 Dec 16, 20:02Post
just finished an outstanding Christmas meal of Cioppino cooked by the fabulous MsHalls120, accompanied by an excellent Kosta Browne 2014 Pinot Noir. {thumbsup} {thumbsup}
Zak (netAirspace FAA) 25 Dec 16, 20:18Post
Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you're spending a few nice and peaceful days, with (too much ;) ) great food.
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Boris (Founding Member) 25 Dec 16, 20:23Post
I hope everyone is having as nice a Christmas as I am.

My wife has a nice prime rib in the oven, it's about 79º outside, and all in all it's just been a perfect day.

Merry Christmas!!!
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Mark 25 Dec 16, 20:35Post
My boss gave me a nice Christmas present: Three and half days off of work with full pay for today. I'm just vegging at home alone watching some Christmas shows on TV and giving my little starling friend some quality time.

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