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SXM Anyone?

Arrange meetings, spotting trips and mutual flying activities here.

kmh1956 (Founding Member) 04 Feb 19, 15:27Post
Yup...thinking about going back again this year...airfare is reasonable out of BDA (for once!!) and room rates on SXM are lower in summer...

Anyone want to join?

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airtrainer 05 Feb 19, 06:01Post
SXM is always tempting, not easy to fly there for cheap but tempting so count me as a maybe...
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miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 05 Feb 19, 09:27Post
We're invading Europe this year. Won't be able to make it.

Is Mary's Boon back on its legs?
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Zak (netAirspace FAA) 05 Feb 19, 11:19Post
Flights are available from EUR 750 in March. EUR 600 if you don't mind connecting via CDG.

SXM in summer is always a risk, of course. Personally, I'd prefer March/April, or November.

But yeah, SXM is long overdue, so I am interested.
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tangoscar 05 Feb 19, 14:05Post
Gonna be there Apr 12, on a cruise though, but should get some spotting done ... :)
kmh1956 (Founding Member) 11 Feb 19, 23:42Post
I'm booked, along with my daughter and granddaughter...July 8-13!! We haven't told my granddaughter yet...she's going to be surprised!
kmh1956 (Founding Member) 17 Feb 19, 00:43Post
Oops! July 8-14th!

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