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Helicopter Loses Tail And Crashes Video

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Fumanchewd 06 May 09, 21:27Post
Notice how gentle the rescuerers are at 1:30. ... ashes.html
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GQfluffy (Database Editor & Founding Member) 06 May 09, 22:11Post that flutter?
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AndesSMF (Founding Member) 06 May 09, 22:27Post
And what would cause that?
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ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 06 May 09, 23:01Post
GQfluffy that flutter?

Looked suspiciously like it, didn't it?
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L-188 07 May 09, 02:55Post
Notice how gentle the rescuerers are at 1:30.

I've seen this before.

Two crashes in one day has to suck.

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