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RAF Tornado Retirement

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JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 05 Feb 19, 18:13Post
RAF Tornados have returned from their final operation, bringing to an end 40 years of active service for the type: ... last-time/

After almost 40 years serving the UK on military operations across the world, iconic RAF Tornado jets have returned home for the last time.

First entering service in 1979, the fast jets have been used in operations across the world, most recently bombarding Daesh to push the terrorist group back through Syria and Iraq.

Families and friends of the present-day squadron members were on hand to welcome them back to RAF Marham, Norfolk, today.

The weapons capabilities of the soon-to-retire Tornados are now being delivered by RAF Typhoon jets, which will continue to take a leading role in the Coalition’s mission against Daesh. Under ‘Project Centurion’, worth £425million over the past three years, the Typhoon can now also launch the world-leading Meteor air-to-air missile, the Stormshadow deep strike cruise missile and the precision attack missile Brimstone.

There are some planned flybys as well as a raft of farewell appearances at summer airshows. I'll try to post updates of any dates/times as they are published, I will be heading to Warton when they say goodbye there.
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JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 13 Feb 19, 16:32Post
The farewell tour, initially planned for 27th Feb-01st Mar has been brought forward and takes place 19th-21st Feb. This is reportedly due to the weather forecast being very good for the next week but terrible at the end of the month: ... our-of-uk/

Myself and a couple of others will be at Warton on the 19th. Warton is also holding two spares sets until after the tour to cover the inevitable tech issues that Tonkas suffer, so we may also see a landing or two.
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ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 13 Feb 19, 17:05Post
End of an era. These new Toyphoon things just don't do it for me.

Looking forward to seeing your shots.
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