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NAS Daily 15 MAY 19

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Mitsubishi nears new configuration for MRJ70 redesign
Mitsubishi Aircraft said a stretched redesign of what was formerly dubbed the MRJ70, a regional jet follow-on to the company’s in-development MRJ90, is a “realistic possibility” and expects to release new configuration details over coming weeks. News of the revamp, which was first signaled by the company in November 2018, will tailor the redesigned aircraft to be more competitive under current scope clause restrictions governing regional aircraft in the US market, and ...

Transport Canada orders A220 operators to inspect fuel feed tubes
Airbus A220 operators have been told to inspect fuel feed tubes for chafing caused by a clamp that, in extreme cases, could inhibit fuel from flowing to engines.
A Transport Canada (TC) airworthiness directive issued May 13 said that operators have reported wear damage “on multiple airplanes” caused by bonding clamps contacting the tubes.

Bombardier refiles MRJ trade secret lawsuit
Bombardier has dragged Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America (MACA) back to federal court, refiling a lawsuit alleging theft of trade secrets related to CSeries certification and Global 7000 systems.
The Montreal-based airframer has argued the Mitsubishi Regional Jet programme benefitted from those secrets.


TAP Air Portugal A321LR makes first commercial flight
TAP Air Portugal’s Airbus A321LR took its first commercial flight over the weekend, the Portuguese airline said, operating from Lisbon to Prague.
“Registered as CS-TXA, this is the company's first narrowbody aircraft with enough fuel capacity to operate in transatlantic flights, offering the premium comfort of long-haul airplanes,” TAP Air Portugal said on its LinkedIn page.

Reports: Jet Airways’ top executives resign
Jet Airways’ CEO Vinay Dube and his deputy and CFO Amit Agarwal have resigned, according to reports in the country’s press.
The news came days after Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways lodged a bid for a minority stake in airline, but made it clear it is seeking partners to help rescue the Indian carrier.

Poor snow-clearance led to Ulyanovsk Superjet incident
Russian authorities have warned over the potential hazard from insufficient runway preparation after a landing incident at Ulyanovsk involving a Sukhoi Superjet 100.
The Aeroflot aircraft (RA-89032) had conducted its approach to Baratayevka airport at night on 25 March, touching down on runway 21 which was affected by snowfall.

Nok Air Q1 loss balloons as fleet shrinks
Nok Air reported a consolidated net loss of Bt391 million ($12.4 million) in the first quarter, which it blamed on the low season and a reduction in its fleet size under its turnaround plan.
The loss is a major blowout compared to the Bt1.18 million reported for the previous corresponding quarter.


Star Alliance opens refurbished lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Star Alliance continues to open renovated branded lounges in key markets where no member carriers have a main hub.
On May 7, the global airline alliance re-opened its branded lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport in France.

Vinci Airports completes acquisition of 50,01% stake in Gatwick
London Gatwick Airport today confirmed that it is under new ownership after VINCI Airports completed its acquisition of a controlling 50.01% stake in the gateway.
The deal, which was agreed late last year, means that the UK airport joins VINCI's growing global portfolio of 46 airports in 12 countries across cross Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Passenger traffic rises across Europe's airports in Q1 but Cargo declines
ACI Europe has echoed the individual results of many of Europe's top airports by reporting a continent wide 4.4% rise in passenger traffic during the first quarter of 2019.
Freight didn't fare so well, however, falling by 1.8% during Q1, according to ACI Europe.

Self-driving shuttle embarks on maiden trip at Brussels Airport
With passenger transport anticipated to commence in 2021, the self-driving shuttle at Brussels Airport has begun trial operations airside.
A self-driving shuttle at Brussels Airport has officially clocked up its first few metres.
The shuttle bus – manufactured by De Lijn – will perform several demo trips without passengers to test the technology in a real-life environment.


CAE to supply UK with second P-8A simulator
The UK has awarded CAE a contract to produce a second operational flight trainer (OFT) for its future fleet of Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, with the device to follow another already ordered for the Royal Air Force (RAF).
CAE, which on 13 May announced its receipt of the business from P-8 prime contractor Boeing, says the UK's simulators are scheduled for delivery to RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland in 2021.

​Seoul re-issues RFP for 12 ASW helicopters
Seoul has issued a second request for proposals (RFP) in its effort acquire 12 rotorcraft under its Maritime Operation Helicopters requirement, after the first RFP fell through owing to a lack of bidders.
FlightGlobal understands that the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) calls for bids to be submitted by mid-August, and that a decision could be made by year-end.

Aviation Quote

If you are looking for perfect safety, you will do well to sit on a fence and watch the birds; but if you really wish to learn, you must mount a machine and become acquainted with its tricks by actual trial.

- Wilbur Wright, from an address to the Western Society of Engineers in Chicago, 18 September 1901.

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Airframe Technician Knowledge Test

1. The primary purpose of a takeoff warning system is to alert the crew that a monitored flight control is not properly set prior to takeoff. The system is activated by
A) an 80 knot airspeed sensor.
B) an ignition system switch not set for takeoff.
C) a thrust lever.

2. Dutch roll, a combination yawing and rolling oscillation that affects many swept-wing aircraft, is counteracted with
A) a flight director system.
B) an aileron damper system.
C) a yaw damper system.

3. Fuel flow transmitters are designed to transmit data
A) mechanically.
B) electrically.
C) utilizing fluid power.

4. The cabin pressure of an aircraft in flight is maintained at the selected altitude by:
A) controlling the air inflow rate.
B) inflating door seals and recirculating conditioned cabin air.
C) controlling the rate at which air leaves the cabin.

5. How can the proper hydraulic fluid to be used in an airplane be determined?
A) Refer to the aircraft parts manual.
B) Consult the aircraft Type Certificate Data Sheet.
C) Consult the aircraft manufacturer's service manual.

6. Which statement is correct concerning torque effect on helicopters?
A) Torque direction is the same as rotor blade rotation.
B) As horsepower decreases, torque increases.
C) Torque direction is the opposite of rotor blade rotation.

7. What physical factors are involved in the aspect ratio of airplane wings?
A) Thickness and chord.
B) Span and chord.
C) Dihedral and angle of attack.

8. An airplane which has good longitudinal stability should have a minimum tendency to
A) roll.
B) pitch.
C) yaw.

9. Where is fuselage station No. 137 located?
A) 137 centimeters aft of the nose or fixed reference line.
B) 137 inches aft of the zero or fixed reference line.
C) Aft of the engine.

10. What is the minimum edge distance for aircraft rivets?
A) Two times the diameter of the rivet shank.
B) Two times the diameter of the rivet head.
C) Three times the diameter of the rivet shank.
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