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New Miles Award - Unique Shot of the Month

Discuss with fellow aviation photographers, and share your latest shots here.

JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 03 Sep 17, 19:29Post
To add to the current motive request miles awards we are launching the Unique Shot of the Month competition (AKA oddball of the month) for shots that are unique, interesting and attract attention but do not currently qualify for a motive request miles award.

Initially, there will be a single monthly award of 10,000 miles for the winning shot but we will add runner-up awards if there is enough interest and enough qualifying uploads to justify it.

The rules:
  • Qualifying shots must be uploaded during the current month.
    For this first month, any shot uploaded during September counts, including shots uploaded before this post.
  • For a shot to be considered they must not qualify for any of the current motive request miles awards.
  • Winning shots will be decided by a crew members' vote conducted in the first week of the following month.
  • For your shot to be considered, post a reply in this thread with said shot and any background information you feel is relevant

Each month's winning shot will also be featured on our social media pages, provided they are of sufficient quality.

Pretty much anything out of the ordinary counts, but these are some examples of recent shots that would not otherwise qualify for motive request miles awards but would be considered for the Unique Shot of the Month:

Rare hybrid schemes, such as:

Unique types with an interesting back-story, such as:

One-offs, home builds, flops and failed prototypes, such as:

If you have any further questions feel free to ask. Happy hunting!
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Paul Chandler1 09 Sep 17, 22:21Post

The Scale Composite Proteus making an appearance at Oshkosh
Paul Chandler1 09 Sep 17, 22:28Post

Piper Pa47 at Oshkosh which looked like something Gerry Anderson designed on a bad day. it did not fly well and was somewhat underpowered (allegedly)
Paul Chandler1 09 Sep 17, 22:31Post

Boeing YL-14 Scout at Oshkosh - all the way from Alaska
CentrelinePhoto 20 Sep 17, 14:38Post
Note sure how unique this is but I figure Paul needs at least some competition...

Just once in a while, let us exalt the importance of ideas and information.
CentrelinePhoto 20 Sep 17, 14:50Post
And let's try this one - our only image of the inside of Tempelhof's terminal building...

Just once in a while, let us exalt the importance of ideas and information.
B727 20 Sep 17, 19:51Post

Flying with open doors :))
B727 20 Sep 17, 19:53Post

The Stones on tour...
Paul Chandler1 14 Oct 17, 17:07Post
Any decisions made on this yet?
JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 14 Oct 17, 17:49Post
Paul Chandler1 wrote:Any decisions made on this yet?

Sorry, been very busy. I'll sort it on Monday.
A million great ideas...
JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 16 Oct 17, 17:03Post
This will be carried over until the end of October due to a lack of entries. If there is still little interest after that we will award the miles for this two month period and shelve the award.
A million great ideas...
symphonicpoet 25 Oct 17, 04:56Post
If this is still open, I'd love to submit Boeing's Catfish. Easily one of the weirdest aircraft I've ever seen. (The weirdest I've seen in person, I think. Even counting a fair few museum oddballs.)

airtrainer 03 Nov 17, 18:46Post
Ok I know I'm late, but here are some for the fun...

A now rare 732F at HNL...

The ex Air Transat L-1011 that was caught in a hailstorm after take-off from LYS in july 2001.

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TP80 04 Nov 17, 06:48Post
I´m late too. But here is a picture from the ramp tour at DUS.

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