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Air Canada To Buy Air Transat

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miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 16 May 19, 12:48Post
Just coming out now.

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JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 16 May 19, 18:38Post
From a passenger point of view this would be a real shame. Though not perfect, Air Transat do offer some decent fares and a slightly better seat-pitch than Air Canada who charge premium prices for their slave ships.
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tangoscar 17 May 19, 17:52Post
From a spotting point of view it will be sad to see another livery vanish ... yeah, I know, it's one of the Euro-trash white liveries, but that put aside I still like the colors and the logo.

Although the die hard spotter in me hopes for a different outcome, but with the number of aircraft, which make sense for ACA to keep, combined with the marketing strategy, I'd say chances that the brand is not being absorbed are very limited.

- 7 a/c, will be phased out soon anyway

- 6 a/c, my guess is those will be returned to the lessor as the don't really fit into Air Canada's fleet

- 19 (plus 1 on order), will triple Air Canada's A330 existing fleet, but half of the new fleet then will consist of A330-200, so in the long run the plan could be to replace Rouge's aging 767s with the -200

- 5 (plus 17 on order via lease), will be interesting to see if ACA wants to keep the NEOs as they'd be a burden from a maintenance point of view

So all in all a manageable number of aircraft will have to be integrated into ACA's and ROU's fleet.

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